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Room Eight is the inside of New York politics, the place where the running conversation among people who work in politics and people who care about it takes place. If you want to generate some buzz for your campaign, organization, or event – but don't want to go the usual route, paying thousands for an ad that will run once on cable television or for just another piece of mail – Room Eight offers a way to become part of the conversation. Or at least to sit down next to it.

Room Eight offers two convenient ways to place highly targeted banner advertisements:

Private Ad Placement. Work directly with Room Eight to place your banner advertisements. The good people of Room Eight can advise you on the most efficient ways to advertise, as well as provide you with weekly reports of your ad's performance. Email Gur at adverts (at) r8ny (dot) com. Rates are negotiated per ad placement.

BlogAds Placement. Room Eight is also a member of the BlogAds network. To learn more about using BlogAds, click here. Room Eight offers three tiers of BlogAds on the site, depending on placement:

For the platinum tier (which appears highest on the page), click here;

For the gold tier, click here; and

For the silver tier, click here.

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