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Paterson, FTL!

via the New York Times

ALBANY — Gov. David A. Paterson personally directed two state employees to contact the woman who had accused his close aide of assaulting her, according to two people with direct knowledge of the governor’s actions.

Mr. Paterson instructed his press secretary, Marissa Shorenstein, to ask the woman to publicly describe the episode as nonviolent, according to a third person, who was briefed on the matter. That description would contradict the woman’s accounts to the police and in court.

Weiner Dials It In on HCR

The Anthony Weiner ringtone available for download (attached below)

Paterson's Balls

via NY Times

In the world of lawyers and advocates who specialize in domestic violence and family law, a moment-to-moment concern is that a woman who has made an accusation — or gone to court for protection — will be intimidated by even the slightest pushback, whether it comes from the man she has taken action against or from his family, his friends or his co-workers.

For that reason, these experts say, contact between a powerful official like Gov. David A. Paterson and a woman who had testified that she had been violently assaulted by one of his top aides was inappropriate.

Ning-Nong NY Senate Dems Unbelievably Bad at Counting...Gay Marriage Votes

via the New York Times

ALBANY — The State Senate defeated a bill on Wednesday that would legalize same-sex marriage, after an emotional debate that touched on civil rights, family and history. The vote means that the bill, pushed by Gov. David A. Paterson, is effectively dead for the year and destroys the optimism of gay advocates.


Quinn Dissed Thompson, Backs Mayoral Houston!

via Room Eight

A Chance to Make History

Dear Friends,

Our election may be over, but there are still some critically important campaigns that have yet to have been decided.

Annise Parker, the current Houston City Controller, is running to be Mayor of Houston, the nation's 4th largest city. If elected, she would be the first LGBT person elected to be Mayor of any of the 10 largest cities in the nation.

But Annise needs our help.

In the November election, Annise was the leading vote-getter in a crowded field. This triggered a runoff election which will be held on December 12th against her second-place opponent.

And Here's Why Eliot Still Makes Us Piss Our Pants

via the NY Times

Spitzer Talks About, Well, Ethics

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer was invited to speak at Harvard University on Thursday about what first made him famous: policing Wall Street. Mention of the prostitution scandal that made Mr. Spitzer infamous, however, preceded — and followed — his address, which was arranged by a university ethics center.

Thompson Gives Deputy Mayor Quinn's "Endorsement" the Ol' Middle Finger

via City Room

Talk about a role reversal: William C. Thompson Jr. is giving Christine C. Quinn the cold shoulder.

Mr. Thompson, the Democratic mayoral candidate, has deliberately delayed announcing an endorsement from Ms. Quinn, the speaker of the New York City Council, leaving her in a very public state of limbo eight days before the election.

Those who advise Mr. Thompson, who is also the city comptroller, are describing the holdup as payback for Ms. Quinn’s failure to support Mr. Thompson over the last year. As it became clear that Mr. Thompson would easily clinch the Democratic nomination, and then even after he did, Ms. Quinn stayed out of the race.

Turns Out, It Pays to Play in Quinn's Hush Fund Schemes

via the NY Times

Ms. Keaney held a meeting at City Hall at which she told labor leaders that unions, as they had sought, would not be covered by the bill’s “pay to play” restrictions, and that they should refrain from trumpeting that.

None of the three union officials agreed to be identified for this article because they said they were concerned about alienating Ms. Quinn, who has had a long and close relationship with labor. Interviewed separately, however, they gave the same account: a Quinn fund-raiser held on the 10th floor of Unite Here’s Manhattan executive offices and Ms. Keaney encouraging unions to participate, all within weeks of the City Council passing the campaign finance legislation.

Mayor Mikey Can Run, But Apparently Cannot Hide

via the NY Times

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s re-election campaign can generate reams of statistics on how quickly the city repaired potholes in each neighborhood. It can produce memos on climate change and public health, and even translate fliers into Creole.

Deputy Mayor Quinn Uncertain Whether She'll Be Endorsing Her Boss, Mike? Puh-Leeze!

via Daily Politics

Council Speaker Christine Quinn today again declined to rule out endorsing Mayor Bloomberg for re-election, despite the fact that her fellow Democrat, Bill Thompson, is now the party's official mayoral nominee.


Manhattan Madam Streamrolls Spitzer

via Manhattan Madam's Blog

As I told the New York Post yesterday, "if he runs for public office I may have to run myself to focus attention on the  multiple illegal acts for which he has not been punished, his abuse of women and the SEXISM in the way he walked away scot free while I went to Rikers for four months for supplying him with ‘company”.

There is far more to tell about Eliot Spitzer, the ladies and the way he treated them. There is also far more to tell about Spitzer’s relationships with multiple New York Escort services including several of my competitors when I was in the business. I’m sure if he and I both ran these facts would come in during a spirited campaign.

Is NYC Bloomberg LP's Wholly-Owned Subsidiary?

via the Village Voice

Because Bloomberg is not only the mayor but also the richest man in New York, he agreed to several conditions when he took office in 2002. In order to make sure that his decisions about the welfare of all New Yorkers would not be complicated by his personal business welfare, he was required by the city ethics board to sell his publicly traded stocks and his interest in a hedge fund. Much was made in the media of how well the billionaire, and the city he ran for a salary of a dollar a year, had been sealed off from his (potentially corrupting) billions.

Strategery? Paterson Names LG

via NY Times

Gov. David A. Paterson will name Richard Ravitch, a former chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, as lieutenant governor in a televised speech he has scheduled for late Wednesday afternoon, according to an administration official.

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