Blog. Get Paid.

In line with a growing number of sites, Room Eight has started paying small fees to bloggers. Sacrilege, we know.

As you've seen, we've been focusing quite a bit of attention on the state's congressional delegation, and the lobbying and earmarking that go on in and around it. Now we're hoping readers and bloggers will get in on the action as well.

If you're an interested observer or an insider with a story to tell, we will pay you $20 per post to share.

We're looking for short posts (bylined or pseudonymous) that follow the money, examine lobbyist activities and/or otherwise expose the behind-the-scenes wheelin' & dealins of NY Congress Members (more here).

The process, simple: send us a one-sentence pitch to by 6pm, and we guarantee you a same day yay or nay.