Camp Clarke's Email Competence


Somebody, please call the wahhhhhhh-mbulance!!

You'd think from all the crap heaped upon me from anonymous Council warriors, and from all the blathering about just how difficult it can be for Council Members to answer constituent email in three weeks' time, that Council Member Clarke and staff would have never been able to do what they did.

PUH-lease (to quote one Council warrior)!  You'd be so ... so ... wrong (and I ain't just sayin' that because of the "broomstick up MY butt").

Within 24 hours of sending Council Member Clarke's government office pseudo-self's constituent concern, we were in receipt of:

Not one ...

Not two ...

BUT THREE separate correspondences from three different staffers (only 1 of who was governmental) ... and all of which - in part or whole - beckoned us to stop by Clarke's congressional campaign headquarters to fill out a voter reg form; including first, a very direct response from Clarke's Camapaign Manager, Chris Lanier.

No.  We did not factor the gov-to-campaign switcharoo into Clarke's final grade, but yes, we did love the Clarke model of efficiency.  It was an overwhelming show of e-force. 

Just thought we'd share...

And no worries, dialing 911 now!