Megabux: As David Goes Goliath

With Rock and Gate firmly ensconced, I'm certain there's little more I can add to the world of Brooklyn politics - especially to all that is the wacky 11th.

But, do allow me to throw into the mix a few facts about the numbers - since, usually, they don't lie (though in Brooklyn....???).

Clearly, David Yassky wins hands down as the Megabuxster of this race; meaning, lots 'o big money and big interests in tow. What follows is the average size of each candidate's itemized contributions (those over $200).

Yassky, $829

Andrews, $735

Clarke, $617

Owens, $589

The extent to which certain industries dangle Yassky's purse strings is not insignificant. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the Finance/Insurance/Real Estate and the Legal/Lobby industries combined own nearly 25% of Yassky Corp ... a staggering amount (if you ask me).

Though Yassky spokesman, Evan Thies, seemed unmoved by this reality in a recent Daily News clip. Says he, "There is absolutely no link between donations and David's governing. There are plenty of developers in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights who have given him money and are upset over his stance against their developments."

On the flip side, Chris owens wins the title of Minibuxster (though Yvette's not too far behind), with the greatest percentage of campaign contributions below $200; usually a good measure of one's ties to the grassroots.

Owens, 18.59%

Clarke, 14.77%

Yassky, 3.22%

Andrews, 0.59%