Megabux: Mo Money, Mo Problems?

In this land of the rich and famous (that being, New York's 19th Congressional) ... well ... there appear to be the outright rich, the famous (of the I'm not a millionaire, but do hang out with Bonnie Raitt variety), the richly educated and the not so famous (though probably still rich).


Congressional Quarterly rates the 19th, which covers Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Putnam and parts of Dutchess Counties, as Republican Favored; most likely because incumbent Sue Kelly has been at the helm since 1994.

We have no choice but to crown Representative Kelly the Megabuxster in this race, since fully one half of her $1 million-plus campaign war chest comes from lobbyists and PACs; with the finance, insurance and real estate industries alone owning nearly 36% of Sue Kelly Corp.

Having said that, there's no reason to believe that any of the leading Democratic contenders can claim the financial high-ground either. In the realm of contributions valued at $200 or less (our measure of grassrootsyness), all were below 7% of their total receipts, an extremely low benchmark to begin with. Further, each of these Democrats are heavily self-financed:

Judy Aydelott, 9%
Ben Shuldiner, 18%
John Hall, 23%

So, Who's In? Who's Out?

Perhaps most telling, is the degree to which each of the candidates are financed in vs. out of state (per image above). If that's a measure of homegrown support, then a showdown between the leading ladies this race shall be.