In Matters of God, Lightning Doth Strike Twice

In case you missed it, I report to you that the whole Pledge of Allegiance "under God" thing has caused a bit of a stir lately.  But, apparently, not stir enough for some of our members of Congress  to take more seriously the whole "I'm-In-DC-To-Cast-My-Vote-On-Your-Behalf" concept.

Turns out that two New York Congress Members (both Dems) acted entirely out of sync with the NY Democratic delegation - which, granted, does not always a bad move make.

Divine Intervention?

Enter US Rep. Ed Towns, who first voted for an amendment to preserve the Supreme Court's authority to hear and decide Pledge of Allegiance cases, before voting - on the very same day - not to afford lower courts the exact same privilege.

Needless to say, Towns's vote helped pass into law the Republican-backed legislation just last week.

Conversely, US Rep. Steve Israel, first voted against the aforementioned amendment, before voting with the delegation to uphold the lower courts' powers.


So what say them?

Well, Jack Pratt, Israel's Chief of Staff says:

"This type of thing doesn't happen freqently, but it happens.  For the record, Congressman Israel would have voted in favor of the Watt's Amendment [mentioned above].  He just hit the wrong button."  Pratt went on to say that the Congressman either slipped, didn't look up at the board, or didn't read the board correctly.


And Towns's office, after several calls, still had absolutely nothing to say.  All we know is that our flurry of calls generated a staff-wide conference which ... only resulted in further silence.

Oh Dear God.

Please tell me that our US Reps know what it is they're voting on, because otherwise I'll no longer be able to declare with certainty who's pledging allegiance to what, under whom.