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Real ugg outlet will always have a flexible sole, but in original Uggs the sole will be rigid and hard. The sole of a real version is about half an inch thick. The only exceptions are Ugg Nightfall, Ugg Sundance and Ugg Ultra boots. However, the sole of a original cheap ugg boots is very thin, only about a quarter of an inch. There is a smooth transition in the real Uggs between the sole of the boot at the point where the sole meet the heel. Actually this is the chemical smell of the dye, which is used to color the original fur. Believe it or not, a "Made in China" label is actually a good sign on a pair of genuine Ugg boots. The ugg boots outlet shoes are, in fact, made in China by Deckers Inc. (an American company) as of several years ago. If you have not seen the original label, you may want to look at pictures to get an idea of what the real logo should look like. Authentic boots will have natural and fluffy sheepskin fur on the inside of the boot. Original Uggs will have synthetic looking fur which cheap ugg sparkle boots sale will not be as comfortable as in real Uggs. Moreover, the original boots are reported to have the smell of paint. Classic and Short Uggs should both sport "Made in China" labels. A "Made in New Zealand" label actually may be a sign that the Uggs are original. On the other hand, original Ugg boots will have a clearly visible solid line. You should also examine the Sparkle Uggs label on the outside of the boots. The real Ugg label has "Australia" written in small letters as "Australia". However, the original alternative will have "Australia" written in bold letters. sparkle ugg boots are not sold cheaply, so if you see some boots at a very low price, be aware as these are likely to be original. Examine the tags on the boots. The fur or wool inside the boot will keep your feet warm and cozy. The outer soft layer is made from durable hide. The original sparkle uggs boots are made from pigskin or cowhide. Genuine ugg boots are manufactured using double-faced merino sheepskin. The box of real ugg boots is brown, strong, sturdy and a bit larger than the actual shoes. "UGG Australia" are the only words printed in the center of the box. A quick tip to Ugg Sparkle Boots identifying real ugg boots is by knowing the normal price. When you look more closely at the boots, you will notice some tiny holes on the surface of the boots. This indicates that the boot is manufactured from low quality pigskin. The heel of genuine ugg sparkle is flexible and durable, but original ones have narrow and stiff heels. The front portion of the original ugg is shorter, but the front part of real uggs has a rounder look. Genuine uggs are made by an American company, Dickers, which manufactures them in China. Please do not think that the ugg classic tall boots clearance are real because the label says they are made in Australia. The tag on real ugg boots should say Ugg Australia, Made in China. The label on the back of authentic boots has the word ' Australia' written in small letters, whereas the same is written in capital letters on original uggs. Most of these cheap ugg sparkle boots are manufactured from single layered double faced sheepskin and known for their long durability. If you are planning to purchase a pair of Uggs for yourself or become tempted to buy one after reading this information, then do not get in hurry. There are many ugg sparkle counterfeiters out there! This unfortunate fact brings up the question about how to tell original Uggs from real ones. If you are searching for the answer, then pay attention to the following. This article will help you in your search for reliable retailers. Smell the 1873 UGG Bailey Button Triplet boots. If you sense any paint or dye odor, then the boots are likely to be original. Finally, do some research on the retailer that you are planning to purchase the footwear from. 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