Say NO to Con Ed's Electric Rate Hike!!

It is hard to believe that Con Ed can justify an increase of electrical revenues by $854.4 million.

According to one of Con Ed's recent full page ads, "The Company says that the increase is needed to support continual infrastructure investment, increases in costs outside the Company's control, increased financing costs, costs incurred but deferred for later recovery, and increases in operating costs for new and ongoing programs."

I would like to challenge the section from that statement that says: "increases in costs outside the Company's control."

Like thousands of
Bronx residents who suffer from asthma, I need to use air-conditioning during days of high humiditiy and heat in order to breathe.  My electric bill is higher than it would be if I did not have to depend upon air conditioning during the summer.  I wouldn't mind so much if the money collected were used exclusively to pay the costs of the electricity, but the money is used for so much more.

For years, the amount of money Con Ed has collected from me and from other New Yorkers who have medical needs and require more electricity than others has been used to subsidize too many social programs throughout the five boroughs of New York City, full page ads in local and large newspapers giving themselves the thumbs up, and subsidizing Con Ed's Political Action Committees to help keep Con Ed's friends in elected office.

It is and has been so wrong for Con Edison, its corporate leaders and its shareholders to continue to justify their policy of bleeding New Yorkers - especially those with medical needs - to pay higher fees for their costs.

Clearly we are all paying much more than we should be paying for the services actually rendered.

I have no delusions that these comments will make any difference, but still want to give Con Ed a huge thumbs down on their guaranteed electric rate hike for every New Yorker so another monopoly can continue to thrive.

NYS's Public Service Commission is welcoming testimony tomorrow at 4:30pm at the CUNY Graduate Center (365 5th Avenue in NYC) at their hearings on Rates, Charges, Rules and Regulations of Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc for Electric Service (09-E-0428)