Obama comedy zinger at Bloomberg; Thompson to drop out?

President Obama, at last night's correspondents dinner, provides the quote of the day:

"In the next hundred days, I will meet the leader who rules over millions with an iron fist, who rules the airwaves and uses his power to crush all who challenge his authority at the ballot box. Good to see you, Mayor Bloomberg."





May 10, 2009

AS if he doesn't have enough problems going up against a billionaire incumbent, now Bill Thompson has to fend off persistent rumors that he might drop out of the mayoral race.

The rumors have been circulating for weeks, both at City Hall and among officials who would be considered allies of the Democratic comptroller.

A top labor leader has whispered to friends about Thompson's possible departure.

Last week, former Mayor Ed Koch -- a longtime ally of Mayor Bloomberg -- predicted flat out on New York 1 that Thompson would pull the plug on his uphill run for City Hall.

"I believe everyone who likes him and thinks he's done a good job as comptroller and thinks he's wasting his time must be telling him don't do it," Koch later told The Post. "He doesn't have a chance."