Why does Enzyte advertise on NY1's "Inside City Hall"?

I watch NY1's "Inside City Hall" and I generally enjoy it, but one thing bothers me--THAT commercial! You all know it!

You're watching the A.K.s ("Alter Kockers"), and Al D'Amato says something, and then Ed Koch says something, and then Al Sharpton says something, and then Dominic Carter breaks away to a commercial, and you see...

Smiling Bob! The Enzyte commercial for "natural male enhancement"!

Does NY1 "Inside City Hall" sell a lot of this stuff? Is there a hidden need for this product in New York City politics? Where else does Enzyte advertise?

What's next for "Inside City Hall"? The snap poll, brought to you by Trojan Man?

Where does Smiling Bob live? Is he a Republican or a Democrat? He's supposedly heterosexual, but is he really?

Can "Inside City Hall" please bring Smiling Bob on the show to answer these tough questions?

Just some light thoughts for the weekend. For more info, see http://www.enzyte.com/.