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Yankees and Filtered Water

The connection between the Yankees and the Bronx Filtration plant is not obvious.  Unless you think about it for about 60 seconds.  The shadow of the Bronx County Democratic Party, its agents, lawyers, etc., are hovering, not even so surreptitiously. What do they stand to gain?  It reminds me of what Plunkett called "honest graft."  Won't some reporter spend some time with this?  Ben:  you couldn't be that busy these days. There's a Pulitzer a-waiting.

Full Disclosure

Dateline Jerusalem. Via various satellite dishes around the world.   I just saw NY1 Monday's edition, where Scott Levenson (where does he get that tan?--in the same salon as Bob Dole and Jeff Klein?) was providing "objective commentary" about Andrew Cuomo and Mark Green and the Attorney General race.  He basically said that Cuomo had it wrapped up, and no one in history has ever won when they have had to petition to get on the ballot.  Did he disclose that he is working for Andrew?  Of course not.  (And "working" is used expansively.)  Memo to Bob Hardt:  this kind of thing won't wash.

Wagging the Dog

New York's status as the nation's most prominent state where the major parties' are held hostage by the minor parties is coming under new scrutiny. As the Gubernatorial and other state-wide races begin to heat up, Democratic and Republican leaders are privately wringing their hands about the stranglehold over their nominating process by the Independence, Conservative and Working Families Parties. Legislation requiring a political party to nominate one of their own members only, and ending New York's tradition of cross-endorsements, may be in the offing.

The New Tammany

The new Brooklyn County Leader appears to have growing pains. Fortunately, the health care workers' union is there to soothe and guide him. And Vito is responding so well! Following doctor's orders. You should have seen him last night. 1199 played a mighty nurturing role in delivering Vito and the Brooklynites for its favorite candidate Andrew Cuomo. You think the social service agencies in Vito's district had anything to do with it? Or was it just 1199's excellent bedside manner?

Not So Itty Beadie

Beadie Markowitz, undoubtedly of Eastern European stock, became a large force on the Kings County Executive Committee. In the early 1960s, she held court at her club headquarters, and was heard loudly, repeatedly and insistently from her sound truck as she drove night and day through the streets of Brooklyn excoriating the "regulars," Mayor Wagner included. She represented "the little people" and was unafraid to let her voice and views be known. Her spirit hovers over the political scene even today, working still to bring openness and vitality to the Democratic Party and the democratic process.

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