Spitzer as Giuliani

A friend with a long memory sends over an October 18, 1998 New York Times story in which Eliot Spitzer expressed his disdain for "the current mayor [who] thinks he's a dictator."

But really -- and a lot of people would say for better, rather than for worse -- Spitzer is Rudy, isn't he? 

The Times story concerns Spitzer's appearance that year at a meeting of the Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats.

According to a transcript excerpt provided by the Mayor's office, an unidentified man in the audience said: 'I'm a New York City taxi driver treated like a dog in the streets by the current administration. I haven't heard one Democratic candidate oppose the treatment we're getting from Adolf Rudolph Giuliani. I wonder if you would say anything about that tonight.'

Mr. Spitzer was quoted as responding: 'Well, what I have said -- I've been pretty open about this -- is that the current Mayor thinks he's a dictator, and does not have sufficient respect not only for other branches of government, but also for the citizenry and its opportunities to speak out and be heard.'

"He then referred to Savonarola, the Italian friar who preached against the sins of 15th-century Florence. Savonarola, he said, "also tried to impose a certain moral standard, code of conduct, and was burned at the stake."