Christine Quinn Must Go

As Christine Quinn continues to play coy about endorsing the Democratic candidate for Mayor, one thing has become crystal clear, the Council must not elect her to another term as Speaker.

One must remember that the election of the Speaker of the Council is purely political.  She is elected by the party that holds the majority of members in the legislature.  Given that we have had a Republican Mayor for the past sixteen years, the Speaker is the City's titular head of the party she represents.  It is, therefore, even more appalling that she has failed to endorse the candidate of the party of which she is supposed to be leading.

It is easy to recognize the reasons that she has stayed silent in this race.  After all, she has been a kept woman for so many years.  The billionaire Mayor has taken care of all of her needs, political and otherwise.

He agreed to overturn term limits, serving not only his political ambitions but those of Quinn as well.  They were quite a duo in this little game which deprived the voters of New York City the mandate they so overwhelmingly supported two times.  

Mike provided Chris cover in the slush fund scandal, perhaps one of the highest money scandals the City has witnessed since the days of Donald Manes and Stanley Friedman.  True to her desire to be Queen, Chris just doled out money that had not gone through any appropriation or selection process.  We all know that Mike had his own slush fund, personal and public, but his Office of Management and Budget was able to keep the lid on all of the shenanigans in order to provide Quinn the cover she so desperately needed.

Just today David Seifman wrote an article in the New York Post about the City's purchase of expensive hybrid SUV's which were doled out to Deputy Mayors and Commissioners as opposed to the lower staff who would have truly given them a test run.  When Quinn's spokesperson was questioned about this new car, the answer was classic.  We just took what the Mayor gave us to replace the broken down old car that the Speaker had been driving around.  Well, we know that no one in the Mayor's Office is going to refute that response.

Speaker Quinn's performance has been lackluster at best.  She speaks a good line but fails to take responsibility for hers or the Council's actions.  She's been around long enough to know that a slush fund is a slush fund is a slush fund and a new car that is purchased without bidding is going to be more expensive.  As the great Alfred E. Newman would say, "What Me Worry."  After all when you are protected by the Mayor, your days can be carefree.

Lew from Brooklyn, we are counting on you to lead the revolt.  It is time for Chris to be put out to pasture.  Of course, her pasture will likely be just another office on the other side of City Hall.  Oh the advantages of being taken care of by the Mayor.