Oh To Be An FOB

I have heard from a highly placed source that the Department of Labor is set to release a very interesting statistic next week, an apparent anomaly in the employment rate.

It appears that the highest figures in employment are among those workers who have counted themselves as a Friend of Bill, Bill Thompson that is.  Over the past several weeks, even in the toughest of economies, most of Bill's friends have found lucrative positions with the Bloomberg campaign.

What started with the hiring of Howard Wolfson has now turned into an amazing employment trend for a single demographic.  

The most surprising of the hires was that of Hank Scheinkopf, a very long time close friend of the Controller turned Mayoral candidate.  It seems that Hank was probably angry at Bill for having brought on Howard Wolfson for the most recent Controller non-campaign.  It was a clear sign four years ago that Hank was being pushed to the side.  Lo and behold, Hank did not appear to have any problem joining the Bloomberg campaign right alongside Wolfson, his erstwhile thorn.  Of course, dangling those dollars in this economy is a real turn on and, perhaps, that was just the straw that broke Hank's back.  Be that as it may, he is now Howard's sidekick working against the guy they both had worked for.

And just when you thought the hiring statistic for FOB's was going to die down, Bloomberg went and hired Andrea Batista Schlessiger, yet another FOB.  Bill and Andrea go back to his days as President of the Board of Education when Andrea was a student rep to that board.  Bill groomed her and befriended her.  When she went to work for Freddy Ferrer, those who knew Bill assumed it was a clear signal that Bill would not be running for Mayor that year.  But Andrea could never have turned down such an amazing chance to effect change in City policy.  It is certain that all of the Deputy Mayors, Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, et. al are waiting to read her policy pieces so that they can forge ahead creating new programs with the new funding that will be pouring in from the federal and state governments.  It had nothing to do with the money.

The remaining question is how many more FOB's are out there waiting for their phones to ring so they can add to this new economic statistic.

Now if only Anthony Weiner had friends we could really turn this economy around!