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Jeans and a T-shirtWhile jeans and a t-shirt are the standard mens apparel choice for a casual day at home or around town, you can take this basic look to a whole new level by following two simple steps: 1.

Rethink the T Consider investing in a couple of Oxford shirts to wear over your standard white t-shirt AsObjective.com. It only takes a few minutes to iron one, and you can roll the sleeves above your elbows for a look that is super casual yet together.

2. Buy jeans that actually fit You might have sagged in high school, but now that you are a grown man it is time to purchase jeans that rest on your hips instead of your lower buttocks AboveEffect.us. Try on jeans before you buy to make sure they are adequately snug in the crotch and seat.

Also make sure they are the appropriate length, so your pant legs dont gather up unattractively in a puddle around your shoes BitterAtlantic.biz. A Cut AboveIf you need a look that is casual enough for a trip to the grocery store, yet dressed up enough to meet your girlfriend for dinner, consider adding khakis and a few polo shirts to your mens apparel checklist.

Cotton polo shirts are very low maintenance, so you put them on straight out of a drying machine cycle or get them ready in seconds with a warm iron. Khakis require ironing to look their best, but they generally go all day without re-wrinkling on even the most active days.Khakis and polo shirts are terrific all-around mens apparel items because they are so versatile. Game DayNothing any fashion article says can do a single thing to talk men out wearing sports gear on game day, if they are so inclined. Of course, not all men are into jerseys and team-themed track pants. Those who are, however, tend to be very diehard in their love of representing their favorite teams. For these men, we have a simple word of advice: always wear game gear that fit your particular physique. If the Niners jersey you have on is two sizes too big, youre going to look like a slob, albeit a loyal one. A jersey that accentuates your chest muscles and stops above the knees is going to make you look more manly, more robust and sporting, than one that drowns out the contours of your body. We promise.