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One way to make your presence in the market is to quantify your business.

If you want people to remember you and your card, it helps to quantify your presence This means putting more than your phone number in your card.

It can also be in the form of number of copies you printed, say, 250,000 copies or in the number of people you give out your card Whatever number you associate in your card, it would offer you the following advantages:Mystery.

The numbers would make your card more intriguing and worth remembering People would surely be encouraged to keep a card that they find interesting.

Memorable. It is often much easy for people to notice and remember a card that is associated in some form of number.Integrity. Often, it is more credible to see or read something that is quantified. For instance, which do you think sounds credible in these two statements I have visited a lot of countries, and I have been to 150 countries already.Dedication. Numbers are a great way to strengthen your commitment to your business and the people you serve. In an area where trust is important, quantifying your actions will validate your priceless commitment.Uniqueness. Numbers distinguishes you from others in the market. This makes it easy for you to stand out in an otherwise crowded market.Recognition. Numbers make people want to check you out from time to time. Say for instance in your web site. The more updated you are and visitors come to your site, the more people would like to read the pages in your site.Try making your card a way to channel you ideas and viewpoints.People these days are more inclined to do business with people who have their own ideas and unique approach to business, to customers, and to other things. So, why not present your unique ideas and approach in your business card templates. You can put it in a bulleted list at the back of your card, or in the way you design your card. This is just another way of presenting your personality in your card.