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That is not to say that private label rights ebooks are worthless - far from it.

They fill a great need because they tend to be written to answer one specific set of questions within a well- searched niche market As a result, if marketed correctly, they can make steady sales.

Going beyond the virtual covers.The real benefit of private label rights ebooks comes from the fact that you can do whatever you like with them means that if you are clever, the book you end up selling will be completely different to everyone else's.

Instead of being in competition with 500 other people who happen to have bought the same private label rights as you have, by exercising your right to change the content, reorder the chapters, add new sections, add illustrations and pictures, create a new cover, change the name of the author and create a compelling new title, you can ensure that your version of the book is totally unique of course, selling a private label ebook as an ebook is just one possible use for the material!In my book 'Unlock the Secrets of Private Label eBooks' I have identified ELEVEN different ways that you can profit from your private label rights ebook's contents! Several of those strategies have nothing to do with ebooks at all.

The big secret that sets the professionals apart.While it is true that there are a few professionals who are raking in great returns from their private label rights investments, the sad fact is that the vast majority of people who, up until now, have bought private label ebooks have left all their money on the table. They have either done nothing with the ebooks that they have access to, or have simply used them as they are provided.