Daniels endorses Faso

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Monday April 10, 2006

Susan Del




Republican and Conservative candidate for Governor John Faso today was
endorsed by Randy Daniels after Mr. Daniels withdrew from the race.  In
his endorsement, the former Secretary of State referred to Faso’s
experience in New York
state government, record of fiscal responsibility and passion for the issues
New Yorkers care about most.


Mr. Faso said, “I admire Randy Daniels for his role in bringing a
number of issues of great importance to the forefront of debate during this
campaign.  And I especially admire his advocacy for fiscal responsibility,
tax cuts, charter schools and improvements to the education system.  These
are issues that I promise to carry with me through the remainder of this


Mr. Daniels said, “I am proud to be standing next to John Faso
today. For quite a few months we have both been traveling the state in our
quest to become the next Governor of New York. Today my personal quest ends,
but my quest to keep a Republican in the Governor’s Mansion continues. I
am proud to endorse John Faso for Governor because I know he has what it takes
to be Governor. He shares my belief that we must cut taxes, reduce spending,
and limit the size of government. As a candidate and as Governor he will be a
strong advocate for a quality education and a clean environment for all New
Yorkers. All he needs to do is call on me and I will be there for him and our
Republican Party.”  


Mr. Faso said, “Randy Daniels has a record of excellence and
integrity in public service that goes back decades.  His service as Deputy
Commissioner for Economic Development, Vice Chairman of the SUNY Board of
Trustees and as Secretary of State has been exemplary.  Randy has
consistently demonstrated an understanding of the issues and a true passion for
New York and
New Yorkers.  I am honored to accept the endorsement of Randy Daniels and
I salute his continued commitment to the people of New York.”




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