Rangel Letter to Suozzi


June 15, 2006

The Hon. Tom Souzzi

Carle Place, NY 11514

Dear County Executive Suozzi:

I write today as a proud Democrat who maintains great hope that this fall a winning coalition will take back Congress from the Republican stranglehold it has struggled under for the last 12 years.

As such, I read with great displeasure the comments of your number one financial backer, Ken Langone, who a few days ago stated: "I can't tell you how critical it is that we preserve and protect the Republican majority in the House of Representatives and as well in the Senate. This is not a time to turn the asylum over to the inmates."

I find it hard to reconcile this statement with your comments in the past that Ken Langone is "a good man" and that you are "proud of his support." As the Ranking Member of the Ways and Means Committee I hope to one day represent this state as its Chairman. It is your lead and most public fundraiser who has dedicated resources to making sure that people like me do not assume these important leadership roles and that we as Democrats do not take back the House. If the Democrats take back the House, it will not be "inmates" in charge, but people who care about the core values of justice, fairness and equality.

Some of us believe that the Republican party has taken our State of New York, as well as our nation, in the wrong direction. I certainly thought that you were one of us.

While Mr. Langone has been very good to you financially, it seems to me that he supports the immoral war in Iraq, the culture of corruption among Republicans in Congress, the deficit, and the failed political policies of the Republican leadership in the White House and in the Congress.

County Executive Suozzi / 2

This year we Democrats stand a good chance to change these policies and we have outstanding Democratic candidates throughout the country and even in our great State of New York.

I hope that your support of Democratic Congressional candidates, especially in New York State, would cause you to denounce Mr. Langone's statements of Tuesday evening. I call on you to return the money he has given you in the past, to express your support for a Democratic takeover of Congress and to renounce any further support from Ken Langone for your campaign. In particular, he should be removed from the host committee of your July 11th golf fundraiser.

I respect your role as an outsider. But there is a fine line between being an outsider and turning your back on the Democratic Party and what it stands for.

I urge you to do these things and to get back to me at your earliest convenience.



Member of Congress