Spencer campaign responds to NY Democrat Party attack

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April 21, 2006

Contact: Christian Winthrop

Spencer campaign responds to NY Democrat Party attack

Yonkers, NY: It is juvenile for Senator Clinton to play press games when the Iranians have vowed to unleash forty thousand suicide bombers against America if we interfere with their nuclear weapons program. She would leave us exposed by weakening visa controls on Iran.

According to the Iranian American political action committee Senator Clinton went on to address the audience on topics specifically relevant to the Iranian American community. She discussed immigration and our visa policy as not only unfair but not good for America.

Is it an imposter blaming Bush on Iran? No. It's a hypocrite. Senator Clinton

For The record, John Spencer used the phrase "money from Mullahs" only after the New York Post and Matt Drudge used it. The press should not let Senator Clinton play childish games when her visa policy would leave us naked to infiltration by Iranian suicide bombers.

The fact remains. The Journal News twisted the facts and their showed their pro-Clinton bias. Their editorial was inaccurate and misleading.

They took a phrase that was coined and repeated by the media all over the country and falsely attributed it to John Spencer.

Patrick Healy and the New York Times were correct in their reporting on this issue. Once the phrase was in the public domain and widely used by the media John Spencer did repeat it.

Sen. Clinton is not correct in her twisting of this issue. The Senator is being hypocritical and trying to have it both ways. She can't. She's wrong.


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