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May 22, 2006

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Stop the Joke

Part 1

YONKERS -- In November, New York Republicans need a maximum turnout to defeat Senator Clinton and win down ballot races. That's why a loose cannon like K. T. McFarland at the top of the ticket spells wipe out.

K. T. McFarland is running on her resume. But her resume has a Jason Blair quality. It's phony.

Her legalistic hair splitting makes Bill Clinton sound like a straight shooter. Read how Human Events found K. T. McFarland inflated her resume to claim she was the highest ranking woman in the Pentagon:

"Her campaign evidently has been bragging about her being the highest-ranking woman at President Reagan Pentagon, where she allegedly wrote the Gipper's famous "Star Wars" speech. But the Times argues that these claims are "not entirely accurate," based on interviews with several former Reagan administration officials and a review of key documents.

For example, there were two women with higher ranking than K.T. in the Pentagon during virtually her entire time there, according to information provided by the Pentagon and, surprisingly, the McFarland campaign.

While K.T. started working at the Pentagon in March 1982 as speechwriter and assistant to the secretary of defense, she was followed by Edith Martin, who was named deputy undersecretary of defense for research and advanced technology in April 1982, and Mary Ann Gilleece, who was appointed deputy undersecretary of defense for acquisition and management in April 1983. So technically, K.T. was the highest ranking woman at the Pentagon -- for maybe one month (March to April 1982).

True, maybe the self described liberal didn't lie. But like Bill Clinton, the Manhattan “society matron” (The New York Post's label) sure didn't tell the truth.

As to McFarland's claim she was the author of President Reagan's speech on missile defense, The New York Times reports the historic star wars speech “was actually written by the president himself and his top national security advisers.”

K. T. McFarland claims she was the civilian equivalent of a three star General. Then she busted her rank down to two and a half stars. The truth is there's only one authentic veteran -- John Spencer.

If Republican voters want a straight talking, honest Senator, Mayor Spencer is their choice.

Mayor John Spencer, 59, served as Mayor of the City of Yonkers from 1996 until 2004. Yonkers is the fourth largest city in New York and saw great prosperity, redevelopment and environmental cleanup under the leadership of Mayor Spencer. To learn more please visit


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