Designed by skateboarders and artists AR 2.0 Chicago White/Silver.

The PUMA and the EVISU cooperation DENIM made ​​a huge success in the last week, adidas Originals do not live, in cooperation with the famous Italian denim brand Diesel launched a joint DENIM single product characteristics to: Cancel jeans leather card behind,replaced by adidas Originals logo at the top of the table to the right of the bag, adidas Originals LOGO timely embellishment 1, cowboy red ear using the classic Adidas Originals AR 2.0 Chicago White/Silver sneakers design is a major innovation.

This is a series of retro style design by ADIDAS MARK GONZALES, skateboarders and artists ANDREW POMMIER adidas Originals. MARK GONZALES pommier design a pair of SUPERSKATE VULCANIZED, further design will also be released.

adidas launched in January Flavour of the world series world festival theme - Roman New Year (ROME JANUS) finally shelves, shoe design symbolizes Rome, Italy, New Year festivals in JANUS Janus the Great Roman mythology two-headed god, on behalf of the symbolism of the "beginning" English January JANUARY also he named, on behalf of the year's most symbolic two-headed mask was found in the earliest Roman coins, like China's yin and yang both ends (to dominate all). Shoes to design PRO-MODEL VINTAGE main symbol of yin and yang, left and right on both sides to adopt a different use of color, text the tongue marked on the Italian "DIVOM DEUS" is the surname of Janus the Great, is very meaningful. translated ancient translations tHE of GOD'S GOD "God of God, belongs to the world's limited picking adidas js 2.0 shoes.