Sign This Petition To Save Freedom of the Press For NYC's Bloggers

ChangeNYC.Org was created to empower New Yorkers. As citizens, we all feel like we’ve been disconnected from our government for too long. That’s why ChangeNYC.Org is taking a strong stand to support a lawsuit brought by civil rights attorney Norman Siegel on behalf of a City Hall blogger and two other online journalists denied press passes by New York City.

We’ve begun an online petition calling on the City to reform its press credentialing system to assert and protect the First Amendment rights of bloggers. Norman Siegel’s lawsuit is so important because our City’s bloggers consistently do a better job of covering their neighborhoods, community issues, and local politics than the mainstream media. New Yorkers depend upon our online media to report the news as they see it, free of corporate bias and control. If our bloggers don’t have access to the halls of government, the people of New York won’t have access to the truth about City politics.

Please sign the petition below and forward it to everyone you know who cares about protecting democracy:

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