Megabux: New York's 25th Congressional District


Perhaps the most interesting moment in the race to represent the 25th Congressional District came last week when attorney Paloma Capanna dropped out of the Democratic Primary.  She exited stage right so that her opponent, Dan Maffei, would have a clear shot at 18-year Syracuse incumbent Republican Jim Walsh.

But a walk in the park for Maffei this race is still not.  A quick look at the numbers tells us he's got much catching up to do, having raised only half of Walsh's total take - and having been outpaced by at least 20% since the last filing period.

We crown Walsh the Megabuxster in this race mostly because (as is the case with most incumbents) lobbyists and PACs own over 41% of Walsh Corp.

That said, both candidates seem to have similar financial strength among the grassroots.  The biggest difference between the two: geographic diversity of funds (per graph up above). As of the March disclosure, most of Walsh's money came from within New York while most of Maffei's did not.