Megabux: Not So Easy Being Sweeney

Probably comes as no surprise that Representative John Sweeney's challenger, Kirsten Gillibrand, is running at least in part on the issue of ethics.  This year has not been a particularly good one for Sweeney who's been immersed in one scandal after another.

Having said that, Sweeney wins this week's Megabuxster award simply because a whopping 41% of Sweeney Corp is owned by lobbyists and PACs.  Add to that the fact that his reach among the grassroots is a third less than Gillibrand's 10%, and you begin to have the makings of a shaky incumbency.

Strangely, though not so surprising, incumbency has earned the Republican Sweeney far greater support from labor groups (of all sources), who comprise 14% of his campaign war chest, compared to only 0.2% of Democrat Gillibrand's.

And in if there's a nugget in Sweeney's corner, it is the reality that more of his top donor zip codes actually fall within the boundaries of the 20th Congressional district.