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Garner Death Probe - Family Calls For No Violence At Today's Funeral

The family of Eric Garner has called for NO violence at the Funeral. Held at Brooklyn Church 265 Bergen St. Viewing, which is open to the public from 2 pm - 6:45 pm.  Funeral is 7-9 pm tonight.  Part of the Program reads:


Staten Island: Mother of Eric Garner's Infant Baby Breaks Down in Tears

Tensions remain high in Staten Island.  The mother of Eric Garner's Infant Baby Broke Down in Tears when we talked to her demanding justice.


Al Jezerra TV and Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Queens

On Al jezerra Sunday morning with consultant Tom Doherty and host Morgan Redford. Next was Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Queens. Men's Day Speaker with Pastor David Brunswick

The 2 Amigos and TV Journalist Dominic Carter



Dominic Carter with his man Famed Attorney Ron Kuby and NY Post Broadway Critic Michael Riedel. On NY's flagship talk station, 770 AM, WABC RADIO Thursday afternoon. 770 am.


Dominic Carter: Can Society Right a Wrong? The Central Park 5 Settlement

The Central Park 5-Raymond Santana

Central Park 5 as we all now know reached a 41 million dollar settlement with the City of New York

Here is part one of our interview this week with Raymond Santana at Melba's Restaurant. Only four blocks from the park.

Mrs. Santana's mother died of cancer while he was in prison, and he has not been back to the park since that night in April of 1989.


From Iraq to Mississippi's Run-Off Election. Dominic Carter joins panel discussion

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