Flake on why he supporting "Stop & Frisk:" I'm the one burying innocent women and Children

The Rev. Floyd Flake in a TV interview that aired on RNN-TV told journalist Dominic Carter he supports the Mayor's controversial "Stop and Frisk" Police Policy.  (which consists of police stopping mostly African American and Latino young men)because he is the one "burying our children from ages four and up, and burying the innocent women and children caught in the middle of gunfire."

It is a compelling argument.

The argument that have also been articulated by groups like the NAACP. Civil Liberties vs Gun Violence.

What breaks my heart, I pick up a copy of Saturday's NY Post, and the gun violence in NYC has happened yet again.  Last week, an innocent woman was killed, and before the city could get over that one, it's happened again.  Here is the Post story

It justs breaks your heart, and this is the Post headline:  "Boy, 4, still asking for his mommy after witnessing her shooting in Brooklyn."

When will it stop!

Here is another headline that should scare every American.  This time from the NY Daily News.

'Amid Chicago crime wave, 17-year-old shot a block away from President Obama's house in the Kenwood area."

There is more to the headline:

"Chicago has been hit with a recent surge in violent crime, that in recent weeks has included two shootings of young men within blocks of the Obama household."

As I stated almost tearfully on RNN-TV the other night, folks in Urban America, we are doing the job ourselves for the Klan.  It has to stop.  We have to teach out kids the value of an education, and that there are no fast-tracks to success.