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From the heart, my own personal reasons for being thankful today

 A Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Let's keep in mind all of us have plenty to be thankful for. We have been blessed with being alive, and being in a position to enjoy today with family and loved ones.

Seems Americans have had enough/Baruch Students Clash with Campus Security

It is time for government, (state,local,and national) to realize Americans are really feed up and are not willing to take it anymore. In fact, It seems Americans are willing to do something very extreme more and more these days, and that is return to taking protests to the street.

Zuccotti Park Protestor arrested for threatening to burn down city

This DOES NOT HELP the Occupy Wall Street Cause.

A protester was arrested in Zuccotti Park Wednesday after he threatened to fire bomb the city — specifically Macy's. You can see the video at

Nkrumah Tinsley, 29, was busted after cops saw a video of him claiming he would torch the city during Thursday’s mass protest posted online, police said.

Perry error may have ended his campaign tonight, Cheers for Cain & Letterman

Poor Rick Perry.

Perry can't win for losing. When stating he would eliminate 3 federal agencies, before a national audience tonight, Perry couldn't remember the third. He cited commerce, education, and repeatedly could not remember the third agency he would do away with.

Police make arrest in shooting of Brooklyn mom, killed shielding children

A Brooklyn teenager has been arrested as the rooftop sniper responsible for fatally shooting the Brooklyn mother as she saved school kids, scared to death from flying bullets, police said.

Gang member Andrew Lopez, 18, allegedly confessed to the killing after his arrest, reportedly admitting he pulled the trigger last Friday afternoon on a Brooklyn street packed with children.

The Klan thanks all of us. The murder of a Brooklyn mother shielding her kids with her body

Sunday morning I spoke at a Bronx church and started out, telling the capacity crowd that my heart was heavy this day.

Within the matter of a second, that seemed like an hour, I thought hard about the next sentence.

Do I say what's on my mind, or soften it up?

GOP debate was a long awaited showdown, Anderson Cooper delivered as moderator

It was the long awaited showdown between Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Finally one of the Presidential debates this year did not put us all to sleep.

Strong Words from Sean Penn. Says Tea Party wants to lynch Obama

Actor Sean Penn says the Tea Party wants to “lynch” President Obama, launching the latest celebrity attack on the conservative grassroots movement that has grown into a political force.

During an interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan on Friday in which Penn rambled about the need for more infrastructure spending, affordable health care, bolder actions from President Obama and an end to the Afghanistan war – all in the same answer -- he segued into what’s wrong with the Tea Party.

Cornell West & Tavis Smiley are at it again. But they don't talk tough to Bill O'Reilly. Naturally, of course.

With great interest it's noted, Cornell West and Tavis Smiley challenge President Obama at every turn. 

Notice the other night how Bill O'Reilly treated them, even openly talking down to them.  But hey, it doesn't matter to West/Smiley, as long as they are the ones in the media spotlight.

I will say it.  Both of them need to go somewhere and sit down, and pimp other issues, not the President of the United States.

It's amazing the tone West and Smiley use for President Obama, and how they were put in their place by O'Reilly.

700 public school workers gone, victims of budget cuts and the blame game

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has cut nearly 700 of the city's public school workers. They are already gone.

Who's right and who is wrong. Herman Cain vs Morgan Freeman on Tea Party & Racism

Presidential candidate Herman Cain takes issue with actor Morgan Freeman calling Tea Party Racist.

The Republican presidential candidate called the Oscar-winning actor’s remarks “short-sighted.” "Most of the people that are criticizing the Tea Partiers about having a racist element, they have never been to a Tea Party," Cain told Fox News.

Bad night for the White House. Turner takes congressional seat

Democrat David Weprin had stayed away from embracing President Obama, but Republican Bob Turner effectively tied Obama around Weprin’s neck, and it worked.

We now know at this point President Obama will not have political coattails, and could drag down democrats in next years national and state races.

Today's Special Election: Weprin/Turner and Obama

Forget that ultimately the seat may be gone thanks to redistricting---the battle for ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner's House seat has come down to today and is a real referendum on President Obama.

Shockingly, polling suggests that in this heavily democratic Queens/Brooklyn district, it’s better to be the Republican, one time unknown challenger, Bob Turner today rather than Democrat David Weprin.

Will it be Obama against Texas Governor Rick Perry?

MOST OF US HAVE HEARD THAT THE REPUBLICAN contest for President consists of a lackluster field of good-but-unelectable candidates.

With their attacks on Obama, Cornell West and Tavis Smiley need to go somewhere and sit down!!!

With this one, I have seen it all now.

Famed Princeton University professor Cornell West and Broadcaster Tavis Smiley need to be seriously ashamed of themselves.

They have completed a week-long, 14-city “Poverty Tour” which highlighted the plight of America’s poor and directly critiqued President Obama for failing to stand up for them.

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