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Cuomo has to be ecstatic with the debate

Going into the debate Andrew Cuomo had the most to lose, and yet when the hour and a half session was over--he appeared even stronger as the clear front runner in the race.

Cuomo avoided any gaffe and appeared gubernatorial.

It was Cuomo’s nemesis Carl Paladino who seemed like he was completely out of place. Paladino didn’t challenge or attack Cuomo once. Paladino appeared nervous a good deal of the time. Perhaps he was trying to show a softer side to appeal to voters, or perhaps Paladino was just completely out of his element and not ready for prime-time.

Tonight's Debate in the race for Governor

8:15 p.m

An hour into the debate, and the Cuomo folks have to be ecstatic! No one has laid a glove on Cuomo.

In fact it seems Cuomo’s lead nemesis, Carl Paladino has run the other way, not criticizing Cuomo at all.

Perhaps Paladino is trying to look gubernatorial by appearing substantive, but the problem with that is for the first 30 minutes Paladino looked, and came off as very nervous. He hasn’t said anything outrageous.

The Moderators are tackling a number of topics: The budget, taxes, MTA.

Cuomo has not lost his cool. He has come off the way he had too - as the one who will lead Albany out of chaos.

Paladino's 15 Minutes are up

Yes, Carl Paladino makes for exciting copy.

Yes, he makes a boring contest interesting, but at the end of the day New York is looking at lay-offs and other serious consequences of the times we live in.

Entertainment can be a good thing, but who gets the last laugh here? You can call Paladino everything but a child of God, but (in less than a month now) Paladino returns to his million dollar Buffalo development company, and New York State is left holding the bag.

Mr. Paladino… Andrew Cuomo is outsmarting you at every turn. This as Paladino also attacks Gays

Carl Paladino is really screwing up, and Andrew Cuomo is exposing him as a rookie political novice.

Many of us were raised on this tradition: “if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.”

So borrowing a diplomacy page from the parental playbook, perhaps the nicest thing we could say is Cuomo is making Paladino look like a light weight. Further, quoting Republican strategist Ed Rollins, Rollins has labeled the Paladino campaign "absurd and irrational.” According to Rollins, “the Republican Party will take 10 years to recover from this candidacy.”

For now, I’m not even questioning Paladino’s fitness for being governor. (many others are doing that) But the man has blown any shot he had at beating Cuomo.

Let’s look at how Paladino has handled two subjects in the news recently. Marital affairs and debates.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS MR. PALADINO, don’t preempt your own negative attack.

You hit your opponent when you have the goods, or when you box your rival in, where he is forced to answer a question.

If you preempt your own negative attack, you are simply giving your rival cover. That is exactly what Paladino has done. He actually helped Cuomo.

How is this possible? What am I talking about? It’s simple. When Paladino claims Cuomo’s sexual “prowess is legendary," without providing any details, Paladino has effectively removed the issue off the table.

By sounding like he’s so out of control, so reckless, when reporters actually tried to ask Cuomo the question, Paladino has handled the matter so badly, that Cuomo can take the high road, and not be forced to answer.

In other words, Paladino swinging in the air aimlessly, by being so baseless in his claim without evidence, you could have predicted Cuomo response Friday to a possible affair question:

"I'm not going to get into the gutter with my opponent; we've gone through this before." Cuomo said.

Paladino has tried to explain to reporters his prior claim that the Democratic attorney general had multiple "paramours" while married to Kerry Kennedy. Paladino contends he made the unsubstantiated claim only to get journalists to ask Cuomo the same questions they had been asking of him.

But from now until the day Cuomo takes office… directly because of how Paladino handled the issue…Cuomo will simply say "I’m not going in the gutter with Paladino" and decline to answer any such question.

What Paladino didn’t consider is that he gave Mr. Cuomo more of an out than Cuomo’s own key advisers could have come up with.

On the issue of debates, Paladino has also badly handled himself. Frankly it’s the only issue Paladino has had left to throw at Cuomo, but even that didn’t work.

Paladino made the mistake of thinking he could attack and attack, without Cuomo giving in, but Cuomo has now agreed to share the stage with Paladino, AND ALL THE OTHER CANDIDATES FOR GOVERNOR, and simply play a game of “beat the clock,” during the one hour time. They will all gang up on Cuomo as the front runner, and he will simply “talk to the voters ignoring everyone.”

Thus, Paladino’s message and more importantly his attacks against Cuomo will be diluted.

Paladino came on strong in the final weeks against front-runner Rick Lazio, so this should be said, the potential for that to happen again is there, but Andrew Cuomo is no Rick Lazio.

It bears repeating Cuomo is no Lazio.

Paladino’s general election campaign has been so bad, at this point Paladino will be lucky to escape with his image and not damage his lucrative Buffalo real estate business.
If Paladino has not been making one mistake after another, what does he do on Sunday?  In the middle of of the all the recent news about suicide in the gay community and antigay violence, Paladino delivers a speech to Orthodox Jewish Leaders in Brooklyn, and says the following:

-Children should not be "brainwashed" into thinking homosexuality is acceptable.

How to shut down the slick Albany money scam. Dan Donovan has a damn good idea.

For years, one of the biggest scams in the State of New York has been a shell game where some elected officials “direct” taxpayer money to an organization. The practice falls under the categories of so-called “pork,” “member items,” and “bringing home the bacon.” The money is supposed to be for a worthy cause but then ultimately in some of these cases we find out the money is lining the pockets of an elected official. Privately, some of them even brag of their elaborate plans.

Does NYC Schools need someone like hard charging DC Chancellor Michelle Rhee? I'm just asking.

She raised hell in Washington. Might D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee be ideal for New York City. 

A few questions here: 

Much has been made about D.C. voters recently rejecting incumbent Mayor Adrian Fenty over City Council Chair Vincent Gray - with the speculation that the Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, cost Fenty the primary. Fenty gave Rhee free rein three years ago to overhaul the city’s dismal schools.

Will Paladino apologize for his outrageous thuggish behavior last night

Carl Paladino needs some political maturity, and it can’t come fast enough.

Will he apologize for his outrageous behavior last night.

Did he really think he would get a heartbeat away from becoming governor without scrutiny he doesn’t like.

Aides had to separate Paladino from New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker at an upstate hotel.

What could Dicker possibly do to push Paladino so far “over the edge?”
Dicker did his job.

Bloomberg: End automatic tenure for teachers. This as I found out a teacher at a former school of mine was a hooker

I often drive on the Cross Bronx expressway, passing Elementary School P.S. 70, and reminisce about my school days there. I remember 3rd grade class, and playing on the roof-top gym surrounded by metal bars everywhere so no one would fall.

Surprised, but I guess really not shocked is the best way to describe when I picked up the NY Post this morning and saw a story about a current P.S. 70 teacher who was an alleged former prostitute and stripper. I've had a very successful career in journalism, and I am not attacking teachers, but I have to admit that I have always wondered how far I could have gone if I had received the same private school education as many other journalists.

Spitzer on Cuomo: "He is the dirtiest, nastiest political player out there," and Steve Levy would beat Cuomo.

Today, the Good News for Andrew Cuomo.  What a difference a day makes. The new Siena Poll showing Cuomo with a 33 point lead Carl Paladino.

The bad news:  Elliot Spitzer has a long memory!!!

Appearing on the morning show of his new CNN home, Spitzer let loose on Andrew Cuomo. Not only did he warn Cuomo that his victory may not be as big as he is expecting. 

Spitzer:  “Trust me, Andrew will have a much tighter margin.”

Not only did Spitzer say if Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy was on the ballot he would be the next governor and ahead of Cuomo by 15 percent.

Andrew is not taking the bait


You have to give it to Andrew Cuomo. The guy is disciplined and not taking the smear bait of Carl Paladino.

Paladino is throwing everything he can at Cuomo, but Cuomo is turning the other cheek. He’s not going down in the mud with Paladino. (At least not as of yet, and signs are Cuomo is not going to do it.)

Cuomo will never let Paladino do a "Lazio" on him

I want to repeat one of my comments from earlier this week, "you could bet the house on it," Team Cuomo will not repeat the mistakes of Rick Lazio.

Lazio ignored. He didn’t engage Paladino. After all, Lazio thought, the public would see Paladino as out of touch, as a loose cannon forwarding racist emails about the President, somebody who might be a good businessman, but that’s about it. Well, say what you want. The world knows who won and who was sent packing with only the conservative line in his corner.

Paladino pulled it off, Espada goes down, and Rangel cruises to Victory

At least for the Governor Race, throw out those normal general election playbooks.

With Carl Paladino shocking the republican establishment with his outsider victory and tea party push, all bets are off.

Rick Lazio and Bill Perkins are in serious trouble going into Tuesday’s primary

Let’s start with Republican candidate for Governor Rick Lazio.

How could he not see the huge 200 mile an hour “momentum” train running over him and having a nice cushion landing at the footsteps of rival Carl Paladino.

Lazio tried to ignore Paladino, to run out the clock, a sort of “Rose Garden” strategy. However mistake number one, to use such a tactic, you should be well liked by the base, and let’s face it, support for Lazio with the Republican Party Faithful has been luke-warm at absolute best. Lazio’s strategy may still barely work, but not if you believe the latest poll. It is great news for Paladino, and horrible for Lazio.

Tick Tock...The Primary is only days away

Labor Day is now past us, and that means Politics takes center stage. The unofficial start of the fall campaign. The time, that polls show voters really start paying attention.

Race for Governor

Andrew Cuomo appears unstoppable towards the job once held by his father. You name the Category. Cuomo has much higher popularity, name recognition, and is far ahead in fundraising.

It seems like so long ago when Cuomo posted the video statement online announcing his candidacy, promising to change the notoriously shady culture of Albany.

I for one, wish Caroline Giuliani well with future endeavors.

What Rudy Giuliani did as Mayor in the wake of the fatal police shooting of Patrick Dorismond was not lawful in the eyes of many.

Dorismond was a security guard and father of two children who was killed by an undercover NY Police Department officer.

Giuliani decided to release Dorismond’s Juvenile record and declared Dorismond was “no altar boy.”

But the move caused a firestorm of criticism at Giuliani because the juvenile record had been sealed, and you can’t make this stuff up, Dorismond had actually served in that capacity, as an “altar boy.”

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