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King Day in Warwick

I had a great time as King Day Speaker at Union AME Church. Event was amazing, and I learned alot.

To those of you attending that watch me now on RNN-TV, Thank You....and thank you to those that said they watched me for years on ny1.

2013 A Look Ahead: National Issues to Watch

2013 A Look Ahead: National Issues to Watch.  Here's how we took on the topic on RNN-TV. Expect much more gridlock.

What can we expect in National issues as we entered 2013? More on Gun Control? Marijuana laws? Panel guests Dominic Carter and TJMCormack chimed in on "RIchard French Live"

No more Washington talk. A nation mourns... Demands Assault Weapons Ban

On Wednesday we did a segment on Richard French Live titled ‘Guns in America: Does America have a Problem?’ Tragically, neither any of the guests, nor myself realized just how timely the segment would be.

Richard French Live Wed Night-Take a Look/Dominic Carter Guest Host

From Fiscal Cliff to control of New York's State Senate, gun violence, and the 12-12-12 concert, they were a number of topics we took on, with Dominic Carter Guest Hosting.  Take a look. Segment A

Coming from a pediatrician near you---A Prescription in advance for the Morning After Pill.

The Morning After advance without parents ever knowing.

I'm just not sure if it's the right thing to do, but the argument can seen from both ways, and I said so on RNN-TV just Tuesday night.

On Monday, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) called on  pediatricians throughout the country to counsel all of their adolescent patients about emergency contraception and make **advance** prescriptions for it available to girls under 17, without parential knowledge. 

His Third Debate Performance Was So Bad, Gov. Romney May Have Re-elected President Obama

I think we should all hug a Social Worker

Social Workers are the fabric of our Society.

Just this week, I got the opportunity and the honor to observe just what Americans bring to the table. We should all see it everyday, but then again we take certain thing for granted.

I admit I have a bias when it comes to Social Workers. I know what they do each and every day. They save lives!!!! As a child, Social Workers saved my life as a kid that went through Child Abuse.

Brooklyn D.A on Gun Violence and Howard Beach 25 years later

The Gun Violence Must Stop.

Over the weekend, in NYC alone, Four People were killed in just 5 hours.

I sat down with Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes Monday for RNN-TV to discuss the gun violence, inwhich Brooklyn has had several high profile fatal shootings of innocent people lately including a 13 year old boy shot in the back.  You can see the Hynes Interview here.

We also discussed the Howard Beach Case 25 years later.

4 killed in NYC in just five hours this weekend. One on One with Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes

Four people were killed in just five hours on Saturday in NYC.

Tonight, in one of my more high profile interviews, I'm going one-on-one with Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes. 

Flake on why he supporting "Stop & Frisk:" I'm the one burying innocent women and Children

The Rev. Floyd Flake in a TV interview that aired on RNN-TV told journalist Dominic Carter he supports the Mayor's controversial "Stop and Frisk" Police Policy.  (which consists of police stopping mostly African American and Latino young men)because he is the one "burying our children from ages four and up, and burying the innocent women and children caught in the middle of gunfire."

It is a compelling argument.

RNC: Romney's Big Night

Republican National Convention 2012: Romney's Big Night

Here is how Dominic Carter predicted on RNN-TV what Mitt Romney should have focused on in advance on RNN TV.

Albany is up to its same old tricks!!!

From Assemblyman Vito Lopez to the recent Indictment of a State Senator, the more things  "seem" to change in Albany, the more they stay the same.   That is surely one of the things we agreed upon on RNN-TV this week.  Just click here to take a look.

David Seifman of the NY Post discusses race for Mayor. Take a look here

The Dean of the NY Press Corps David Seifman discussed the upcoming race for Mayor on the RNN-TV Political Show Tuesday night with Journalist Dominic Carter.  You can see the interview by just clicking here.

Seifman candidly discussed each of the candidates, and his comments on City Comptroller John Liu may stun some.

Also on Tuesday night's show consultants Jessica Proud,and Frank Morano. Richard French Live airs M-F on RNN-TV live at 6:00 pm.

Seifman on the race for mayor.

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