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Will Cuomo Run? Sure looks like the nomination is his.

President Cuomo?  Here's how we discussed the topic on RNN-TV.

Mario didn't run, but sure thinks his son has what it takes, and Mario may have a good point.  Mario Cuomo says his son is “the best governor in modern times.”

New York's Senate & House Primaries

Real Politics 2012: New York's Senate & House Primaries-The Day After. Here's how we covered all the New York Contests on RNN-TV.  Just Click here.

Some of our lighter topics--the Little League pitcher being sued for wild pitch. Just click here.

Is the Supreme Court too Political?

Is Justice Really Blind? Conservative Supreme Court Members Get Political. That was one of our topics on RNN-TV last night. Take a look here.

Another topic: Chris Christie and Mitt Romney. My take is Christie has ZERO chance of being on the ticket. Just click here to see the segment

Dominic Carter

Rangel survives

Folks can "hate" on him, but Congressman Charles Rangel did not lose tonight. That was my prediction at 6pm election night.

The battle for Latino Votes in the Presidential Race

The battle for Latino Votes in the Presidential Race.
Just click here to see how we took on the topic at RNN-TV.

Shaming Bad NYC Drivers and that poor upstate Bus Monitor

Our Table Discussion on RNN-TV: Publically Shaming Bad NYC Drivers and that poor lady, the upstate Bus Monitor that was Bullied. Take a look here.

Other issues were Student Loans and the Politico Reporter that was suspended for a racial comments he made about Mitt Romney. Just Click Here

Dominic Carter

Stop and Frisk, and is LeBron James still Enemy #1?

On RNN-TV this week, we took on Stop and Frisk.

Also we took on Lebron James in the sports corner. Is LeBron Still Enemy #1? It may have been handled badly, but my point is Lebron was not the slave of the Cleveland basketball team owner. Lebron's contract was up, and he decided to leave. Here's stop and Frisk discussion.

Blocking the Ballot Box? Voter Disenfranchisement in 2012

A heated discussion last night on RNN-TV,
Blocking the Ballot Box: Voter Disenfranchisement in 2012.On Richard French Live, Political TV Newsman Dominic Carter, Andrew Whitman,David Webb of the National Tea Party Federation, and Liz Kennedy of Demos. Just Click Here.

Dharen Ravi to Drove Planes looking in YOUR back yard

On RNN-TV this week: Talk of the Table Topics range from Dharun Ravi Released and The Big Brother Generation where Drove Planes are looking in your backyard. Just Click here to see the Richard French Live show this week.

As a Diabetic Taking Insulin Twice a Day, I Believe Bloomberg Is Right About Soda Ban

Stop and Frisk controversy is growing

Stop and Frisk Part two. The way we discussed it on RNN-TV this week.

This as City and state legislators stood side by side with New York's congressional delegation in Washington, D.C. to demand that the Justice Department investigate the New York City Police Department’s controversial stop-and-frisk policies.

Stop and Frisk is DEAD WRONG

It's wrong, wrong, wrong.

The Stop and Frisk practices of the New York Police Dept is NOT effective law enforcement against crime, it is racially profiling.

Young adults, boys and girls are being stopped, arrested, jailed and in many cases this high profile prace leads to conviction.

Law enforcement may see this as an effective way to fight crime and violence, but all it amounts too is a violation of one's rights.

Zimmerman is back in jail

George Zimmerman, accused of murder is back behind bars after the judge ruled Zimmerman misled the court over his finances.

Zimmerman, accused of murder in the Trayvon Martin case, turned himself in to authorities in Florida Sunday after his bail was revoked.

Cutting Services Coast to Coast: How Far Is Too Far?

The argument about fiscal austerity has been drilled into all of us. The U.S Marines couldn't have done a better job.

It's our new way of life.

If you are a Republican elected official, there's a second part to the "cutting back" rule of thumb these days: Don't dare believe in compromise. Don't dare reach across the aisle. Do so at your own peril.

Attempts at bipartisanship are the new blood sport.

Breathalyzers at the Prom?

Should there by Breathalyzers at the Prom?

Would it lead to kids (our children, sons & daughters) being arrested on one of their biggest nights and possibly facing conviction?

Would Police make such high profile arrest? What would a District Attorney do? Would the kids be disgraced for years to come. What would be the impact on the family.

What we know so far is that ultimately the young people could end up missing their graduation.

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