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Stop and Frisk is DEAD WRONG

It's wrong, wrong, wrong.

The Stop and Frisk practices of the New York Police Dept is NOT effective law enforcement against crime, it is racially profiling.

Young adults, boys and girls are being stopped, arrested, jailed and in many cases this high profile prace leads to conviction.

Law enforcement may see this as an effective way to fight crime and violence, but all it amounts too is a violation of one's rights.

Zimmerman is back in jail

George Zimmerman, accused of murder is back behind bars after the judge ruled Zimmerman misled the court over his finances.

Zimmerman, accused of murder in the Trayvon Martin case, turned himself in to authorities in Florida Sunday after his bail was revoked.

Cutting Services Coast to Coast: How Far Is Too Far?

The argument about fiscal austerity has been drilled into all of us. The U.S Marines couldn't have done a better job.

It's our new way of life.

If you are a Republican elected official, there's a second part to the "cutting back" rule of thumb these days: Don't dare believe in compromise. Don't dare reach across the aisle. Do so at your own peril.

Attempts at bipartisanship are the new blood sport.

Breathalyzers at the Prom?

Should there by Breathalyzers at the Prom?

Would it lead to kids (our children, sons & daughters) being arrested on one of their biggest nights and possibly facing conviction?

Would Police make such high profile arrest? What would a District Attorney do? Would the kids be disgraced for years to come. What would be the impact on the family.

What we know so far is that ultimately the young people could end up missing their graduation.

Cuomo is riding sky high

Boy do New Yorkers love their Governor.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo just pulled in his highest approval rating ever-- at 71 percent.

Republicans are back to "dissing" Mitt. This time its Giuliani


With Friends like this, who needs enemies?

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani went on TV yesterday as a surrogate for presidential contender Mitt Romney — that part is expected, but Giuliani wasn't drinking the Kool Aid. Giuliani seemed to pump himself up more than the presumed GOP nominee.

Use of Rev. Wright Would Be a Disaster, but Not Necessarily for Obama

Be careful what you wish for.

Or what your powerful supporters might have possibly wanted.

So Many X Factors in Next Year's Race for NYC Mayor

Conventional wisdom and recent polling indicates City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is the one to beat in the 2013 race for mayor, but it may not be that simple.

Quinn by all accounts, is the front-runner now, but the race, about a year and a half away, is a lifetime in the world of politics.

Christie/Booker deal with their rivalry with a funny skit

New Jersey's Republican Gov. Chris Christie and Newark's Democratic Mayor Cory Booker have teamed up in a new web parody video portraying the two men as bitter political rivals desperately trying to one up each other. It's funny with Booker basically serving as Superman. "I got it, Governor!" Booker says, prompting a hapless Christie to fume, "Booker!"

Obama Commercial Hits Romney Hard, and where it hurts

The Obama campaign is hitting hard at Romney, with a 2-minute ad on Mitt Romney's Bain Capital.

Targeting Romney's involvement in the acquistion of GST Steel, the commercial shows workers at a shuttered plant pinning Romney and Bain with the blame.

Come on Folks, Who Really Politicized Bin Laden's Death?

I have to confess I was a little uncomfortable with the ad from team Obama on Bin Laden, from the perspective of these types of attacks (Mitt Romney might not have made the same decision to send Navy SEALs into Pakistan) are best left historically to surrogates. Like the President did do with Vice President Joe Biden, "Bin Laden is dead, General Motors is alive," and former President Bill Clinton from the actual commercial.

When does a good thing become too much? Final thoughts on the President on Jimmy Fallon's TV show

Social Media will prove to be extremely important with the 2012 election. Hey, the President's team proved to be Masters with its use in 2008, displaying the viability of Social Media.

They have also demonstrated to be Masters at Facebook Town Hall Meetings, raising money on the Internet, and continue to utilize social media tools in unprecedented ways.