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President Obama sings again with B.B. King and Mick Jagger

President Obama sang a few lines from “Sweet Home Chicago” with blues greats B.B. King and Buddy Guy Tuesday night during a performance at the White House. 

It can be seen at

A sad night. Whitney Houston is dead

Whitney Houston is dead.

The superstar singer and actress's publicist, Kristin Foster, broke the news of Houston's passing to the AP, but thus far, no cause of death has been revealed. In recent years, she struggled with drug abuse.

Each One Teach One. The Remarkable Story of Samantha Jackson

Just imagine the world we could conceivably live in if every adult in America decided to mentor a young person in their community?

The Week From Hell for Mitt Romney

Let's put aside the obvious and historical tidbits.

Some night. Obama sings Al Green, Newt flips script on "open marriage."

It was some night Thursday night, hundreds of miles apart.  The President picked up from his Inaugural "slow dance" with the first lady........while in Charleston, Newt actually did a decent job of flipping the "open marriage" story 48 hours before residents of South Carolina vote.

With Convention Center, maybe Cuomo is on to something? Restoring glory days to New York

Residents of New York State have always taken pride in their history. The glory days of being America's leader of many industries.

And some of us say Bravo to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for daring to return to those glory days.

Huntsman drops out-backs Romney

Jon Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller says the former ambassador to China and Utah Governor was “proud of the race that he ran” but “did not want to stand in the way” of rival Mitt Romney, the current front-runner for the Republican nomination

Outrageous!!! Large groups of African Americans nationwide, fighting over a damn pair of Jordan's.

This is ridiculous.
Shoppers around the country are NOT helping race relations as they are willing to do anything while waiting in line waiting for the re-release of the Air Jordan XI Concord tennis shoe at Foot Locker, Finish Line and Downtown Locker Room.
Look at this perception that is sweeping Televisons all over America, from city to city.  Large groups of African Americans acting wildly. Please take a look at the video on my website. This during this Christmas time!

Cuomo keeps coming up Roses