An Open Letter to Sean Patrick Maloney's Supporters

Letter to Maloney Supporters
People who know who I am, including, I suspect, Sean Patrick Maloney, know that I did not personally support him for A.G. My club endorsed him and he personally asked for my support twice, which I declined. I'm not going to go into the reasons why I didn't support him, but I swear that I never once did anything to hinder his run or prevent my club from going all out to help his campaign.

Many people have pointed out the similarities between Brian Ellner's 2005 run for Manhattan Beep and Sean's run for A.G. I hope to reverse what seems to have happened with Brian's supporters from happening again with Sean's.

Brian brought in a slew of young gay men to work on and volunteer for his campaign. Many of them joined my Democratic Club, the Stonewall Democrats and voted to endorse Brian for the primary. Unfortunately for Brian, Margarita had a much longer history with being active with the club and she got the endorsement (Scott came in third).

Brian's supporters were smart, energetic, and, it doesn't hurt that a lot of them were cute, but that's beside the point. They were also passionate. Unfortunately, their passion turned out to be only for Brian. I don't think a single one of the Ellner boys paid dues this year or came to a meeting (except maybe our big Eliot-fest in January, which had over 300 attendees). None that I've heard of have been spotted working on other campaigns this year, not even Sean's.

Sean has even more supporters from exactly the same mold than Brian did. They also joined Stonewall and were a big part of his getting our endorsement. Now that Sean's campaign is over, I'm writing the following letter to those supporters; it is an plea that they not do the same thing Brian's supporters did.
Dear Young Gay Sean Patrick Maloney Supporters:

I'm sure you are dissapointed by Sean's loss on Tuesday. He's a good man, a great gay role model and would have made a terrific Attorney General.

Much like you are today, I was crushed when Howard Dean lost and then self-destructed in Iowa in 2004. My father, who's a very wise man, wrote me an email around that time about political defeats that I will never forget (I wish I could find it). In it he urged me not to lose hope or be too discouraged. He relayed his own personal version of this story, which was about Hubert Humphrey's run for president in 1968.

You are idealistic, smart, energetic and passionate; I implore you not to lose hope or be too discouraged by Sean's loss. You have accomplished quite a lot and been part of something important. Don't give up because there's still so much more to do!

I urge you to stay active in politics—our movement needs people like you.

Very truly yours,

Enrique W.S. Wonk
The fact that a lot of them are cute, and it would be nice to keep them around, would be an added bonus.