Back in the Closet?

EnWhySeaWonk's Closet

I never intended to make this blog about me—I think most personal blogs are boring and insipid, and it isn’t the point of Room 8 as I understand it. That said, this entry will be an exception, because Corey sent me a message last week to an email address that I use for gay politics; the entire text of the message was “[I’ve written before that Corey should get a degree if he wants to continue his career in politics, but that’s not really relevant to this  discussion.].” The message was clear: I know who you are! Then, yesterday, at the Lunch with Lambda event, a gay rights activist who everyone knows came up to me and complimented my posts “on the blogs” (he likes that I'm not mean and usually agrees with me).

There have always been a handful of people who know who I am—I guess it’s not really much of a secret anymore, especially if you're active in LGBT politics in the City. If you could go back into the old Politicker comments someone a very long time ago once anonymously referred to me by my first name and last initial, and Lead Dog once emailed directly—and I have no idea who he is!

The pseudonymous blogging thing has always been a little weird for me. After all I came out of the closet when I was 19. Using a pseudonym has felt a little bit like a closet. I hope that people understand that everyone who blogs under a pseudonym on NYC political blogs have their own reasons. I believe that some people work for prominent people and don’t want what they say attributed to their boss. Some people want to write about their boss. Maybe some even want to write things they would never say under their own name. I don’t write things I wouldn’t say at a cocktail party and I really wish I could write under my own name because it would give me more credibility.

My reasons have nothing to do with politics and the people who know who I am can confirm this.  I am not going to out myself to those who don't already know and I can’t really fully explain my reasons for not using my name except to say that it’s because I don’t work in politics (a point that someone on the Politicker once called me a “douchebag liar” for saying, but it’s true).

So, for the time being I’m staying in my closet. My reason will eventually go away and I look forward to my second coming out.

I hope the readers of this blog, the Daily Politics, the Politicker, the 51st State, etc. will respect our reasons for being pseudonymous and if you know who I am, please use your judgment regarding who you tell. However, if you know who Yoda, Lead Dog, Paladin, Cranky Independent, Gatemouth, Bruce Banner, Beadie Markowitz or Backroomie are, please email me at EnWhySeaWonk(a>