Gay Voters Want To Know?

Andrew Then and Now

[Update: Due to Gatemouth's note of an error that strengthens my argument, references to 1982 have been changed to 1977 and *marked] 

Every time I read yet another article, blog post or comment that contains the phrase: "Vote for Cuomo, Not the Homo," my blood pressure goes up a bit—Because I don't understand why the hell this is relevant in 2006.

First disclaimer: I am a politically active gay man, who was only 6* when these posters were put around Queens.

Second disclaimer: As of today, I am not supporting any candidate for AG. Supporters of Andrew, Mark and Sean have all asked me to support their guy, but I am resisting, in part, because Stonewall is not endorsing until June 8th. That said, I think all three of these candidates (as well as Charlie, Denise and Richard) are qualified, well-spoken, and each have pros and cons.

This post is not, however, about any of these candidates pros or cons, because this "controversy" over these posters should not be a con against Andrew.

Let's assume Andrew was involved. He was 19* years old when Mario ran against Ed for mayor*. He was an ambitious young guy, trying to help his father to win a primary against a guy was a notorious closet case (a point which never seems to be made when this subject came up, although Ed's outrage that Andrew supposedly called it an urban legend usually is), the idea was brought forth for these posters and he was okay with it or maybe it was even his idea. Then for the next 29* years Andrew had a career doing lots of good stuff, wherein I've heard of not a single other homophobic incident occurring and, in fact, his LGBT record is admirable.

Were the posters offensive and wrong? Absolutely. But what relevance does this have to Andrew's run for AG 29* years later? The spin is: He won't admit it! How many 48 year-olds did something stupid when they were in their late teens* that they now don't want to admit they did? Doesn't the fact that he has an excellent LGBT record now, including being in favor of same-sex marriage, make up for his possible involvement in this issue from a time when a Betamax cost $1,055*?

What is the statute of limitations for complicity in a homophobic election poster? Whatever it is, I think it's expired and we should move on to the real issues of this election.

Mario didn't help matters recently when he said he knew who did it but wouldn't say who. In last week's Gay City News the question was posed: "What Did They Know—and When the Heck Did They Know It?" Read the editorial if you don't know already know the details, but there's absolutely nothing new in this article, which ends with: "Who did it? When did you find out about it? And what has your son Andrew known about the incident through the years? Gay voters want to know."

This gay voter doesn't think it's relevant and knows a lot of gay voters supporting Andrew. I therefore respectfully request that Gay City News not pretend that it speaks for everyone in our community and let this issue go.

Betamax v. DVD Recorder