If You Want To Follow Gate's Endorsement...

EnWhySeaWonk's Write-In Candidate Voter Guide

Further to Gatemouth’s endorsement of Adam Green for Comptroller and my saying I’m writing him in too, a lot of my Democrat friends have been urging me and everyone they know to vote for Alan to avoid Callaghan’s winning. I’m sticking with Adam Green.

I wasn’t sure in the last election how to write in a candidate—I was going to write in Dirk McCall for Mayor, but instead voted for the “Rent’s Too Damned High” party (this was an ignorant choice on my part, as it turns out their candidate thinks rent is too damned high because of the Jew landlords—my bad).

This time I wanted to be prepared. Above is the Campaign Finance Board’s instructions on voting, including writing in a candidate (slightly edited). And here are the Board of Elections instructions for write-ins:

You may vote for a candidate not listed on the ballot by writing in the candidate's name. Locate the button over the column of numbered slots on the left of the voting machine and . . . [d]epress the button and, while holding it in, open the slot opposite the office for which you wish to write in a candidate's name.

Write the name of your preferred candidate in the slot. A pencil is provided. Cast your vote for other offices in the usual manner.

You’ve already had one chance to for a Green this year, this might be the last chance you’ll get for a long time.