State Party Logos 

Is it me or have politics been as boring as both parties' state logos lately?

Blah blah blah Tom is acting like a spoiled child not getting attention...Blah blah blah Major Owens finally has something to say for the first time this decade that doesn't involve reading rap lyrics into the Congressional Record. Blah blah blah Hillary isn't as anti-Flag burning as her opponent.

It's primary season which should have some excitement, but I just can't be excited by Brian Kavanagh [fixed spelling] challenging Sylvia for the assembly and it's just pathetic that if I still lived in the 10th Congressional District I'd vote for Edolphous over the rest. The 11th District race is interesting, but if I read the words "David" and "race" again I'm going to bang my head into my beautiful new MacBook™'s screen.  

Am I missing something? If so, please email me (enwhyseawork[at]gmail.com) topics for my blog; sorry this entry is so damned boring.