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2014 Federal Primary Analysis

Those who miss my web presence should not assume this piece augurs any sort of imminent return on a regular basis; it merely is an indication that I cannot let a bunch of election returns go by without a little analysis.

Super Maggot

An article in the Times this weekend literally caused me to wretch with nausea. Let me explain why.

But first, a little background.  

The Gateway (March 2014 Edition)

Like Puxatony Phil in February, it’s once again time for me to come out of my lair and do a little punditry before going back into hiding.


MARCH 1, 2014:

Gatemouth Gets His Irish Up

I’d like to thank the current Czar of Russia for making my job here a lot easier by proving the point that any celebration of nationalism is inherently politically, which makes discussions of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade so much easier by shoveling off from the conversation a large layer of bovine-related excrement.

Everything You Know About Pete Seeger is Wrong [Part One]

PETE SEEGER (1997):  Today I'll apologize for a number of things, such as thinking that Stalin was simply a 'hard-driver' and not a supremely cruel misleader.

The Gateway (January 2014 Edition)

So, it’s come down to this; an occasional piece when the fancy strikes, plus a monthly Gateway summary of my sporadic FACEBOOK posts, just to keep my toe in the water.  

The Post Prefers Spreading Innumeracy to Fighting Illiteracy

Having paid for pre-K (and two years of nursery school before that) out of my own pocket to the tune of around $15 grand a year (in 2008 dollars), I understand not only its necessity, but why we must subsidize it for those who can’t afford it—a class I regard as including myself.  


Dispatches from the Garbage State

AMIRI BARAKA: "Who knew the World Trade Center was gonna get bombed 

Gatemouth Grab-Bag [2013 General Election Analysis - Part Four]

Out  of what little remains of my lingering sense of obligation to both of my readers, I promised myself I’d finish up my observations concerning the November election results before the year ended, but I didn’t promise it would be particularly interesting (though I would have to note that I share the blame for this with the voters).

Orthodox Pundit Roundup Continues [2013 General Election Analysis Part Three]

As I previously noted, in attempting to do my year-end round of stories on the local election returns, I was stymied by the fact that Orthodox Pundit had already beaten me to some of the best stories and has already said a lot of

If Mario Proccacino Was Alive Today, He'd Be Turning in His Grave [2013 General Election Analysis, Part Two]

In our last visit together, we began our exploration of the November election returns with a look at the most interesting local race; we now turn our attention from the undercard to the main event:

Deutsch Uber Alles [2013 General Election Analysis, Part One]

GATEMOUTH (December 20, 2009): Listening to the complete Aladdin Recordings of Charles Brown; essentially what the King Cole Trio would have sounded like if they were black

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