Big Mac Attack (AKA Going Postal)

The Atlantic Antic had been a triumph for six year old Dybbuk.

Already having persuaded Domestic Partner to buy him $50 worth of toy MTA trains, he climaxed the afternoon by sneaking behind the Police barriers in front of the Waterfront Alehouse, treating those watching the second set by the Black Coffee Blues Band (featuring Popa Chubby, whose is to French Blues fanatics what Jerry Lewis is to their cinemaphiles, but with far more justification) to a half-hour demonstration of exotic dancing which drove the audience into a frenzy and got Dybbuk at least one invitation to join a comely cougar for a nite-cap (“every woman is watching him,” she told Domestic Partner, “and every man is jealous”).

Grabbing the mike at the fair’s end, Dybbuk told the crowd, “I love you New York City.”

On the same block across the street and slightly to the west, a man attired in Tom Wolfe Whites, but wearing a clerical collar, similarly implored a smaller crowd concerning the sins of Mike Bloomberg, but while his preaching raised many an “Amen,” his speech was ultimately a patent medicine show.

Yes, the disease was real, but Reverend Billy Talen, actually a comedian and Green Party candidate for Mayor (talk about redundant), was peddling the wrong cure.

Suffice it to say that Al Franken’s former career is a more credible model for Mr. Talen than is the Senator’s present occupation. A vote for Mr. Talen would not rid New Yorkers of the scourge Talen was preaching against, but would only be a placebo. Perhaps a better role model for Mr. Talen than Franken would be WC Fields as Larsen E. Whipsnade, selling cures for hoarseness extracted from the juice of the cacti.

In private conversation, Mr. Talen touted his getting 7% of the vote as a goal which would set City politics on its ear. A more likely result of his achieving such a target would not be an ear, but an ass, specifically Mr. Bloomberg’s, which he would laugh off in a bout of appreciative amusement.

However, this week’s most notable candidate of questionable sanity is once again Jimmy McMillan, of “The Rent is Too [Damn] High Party.”  Like Mr. Talen, Mr. McMillan's votes will come largely from those who might otherwise vote for Bill Thompson (given that those most worried about unaffordable rents are not a big Bloomberg demographic); however, there the similarities end.    

As I've noted before, according to the Village Voice, McMillan, also known as “Prince Jimmy” and “Papa Smurf,” ran for governor in 1994, traveling much of the state on foot, and was expelled from the state Democratic Convention after he heckled Mario Cuomo. During his 1993 run for Mayor, McMillan was found at the side of the Belt Parkway tied to a tree, blindfolded, and doused with gasoline; in October 1993, McMillan climbed a cable on the Brooklyn Bridge, was coaxed down by police, and then hospitalized.

This week was a triumphant one for Mr. McMillan. Though the Board of Elections had succeeded in removing the word “Damn” from his party name, their efforts to do so had gotten perennial candidate McMillan unprecedented publicity
in the Times, New York Magazine, and elsewhere.

Further, McMillan’s running mate for Comptroller, Salim Ejaz, had managed to become the only general election candidate for Comptroller besides John Liu to qualify for the debate sponsored by the City’s Campaign Finance Board.

Virtually all of this coverage has ignored the salient fact that McMillan, a (you can’t make this stuff up) retired postal worker, is a raving psychotic anti-Semitic lunatic, and his “party” a mere symptom of his psychosis.

This summer, my efforts to bring this to the public’s attention resulted in both a Democratic hopeful for Brooklyn Borough President and the Republican nominee for Manhattan Beep, abandoning their efforts to run for those offices on McMillan’s line. Of note is the Manhattan Republican‘s since deleted Wikipedia page, apparently the product of a “conflict of interest,” which notes “In an August 4, 2009 endorsement of Scott Stringer, James "Gatemouth" Ellroy, an acknowledged contributor to Stringer's political campaigns, criticized Casavis for associating with "raving psychotic nut job" Jimmy McMillan, founder of the "Rent is Too Damn High" party: "If Casavis has done this without ill intent, innocent of who and what he's hooked up with, then, as with Eugene Myrick, he's just TOO DAMN STUPID to hold important office." Casavis refused the endorsement of McMillan's party.”

Note to Casavis: I only wish I’d written LA Confidential, but alas, I can no longer even find anyone to pay me $125 a month to blog.

Both Casavis and his Brooklyn Dem counterpart, Eugene Myrick, seem to have suffered from naiveté. I am going to assume the same of Ejaz, a Pakistan-born American with a background in finance and the ability to raise a bit of money (enough to get him into the debate) which could doubtless have brought him some far more reputable political contacts if he’d just gotten some half-decent advice (the guy seems a natural for Gary Tilzer). As a result of Ejaz’s failure in this area, he instead hooked up with McMillan, who he met at a Board of Elections hearing where both were disqualified from appearing on the ballot in the Democratic Primary.

Given that the other idiots who fell for McMillan’s spiel include both a black liberal and a white conservative, I will not make the assumption that the reason a Pakistani-American hooked up with McMillan is because he shares McMillan’s views on which lox and bagel-eating religious group was responsible for 9/11.

However, I do not think it would not be untoward to ask Ejaz, or anyone else who runs on McMillan’s line, whether he shares those views.

Yet in all this week’s press about the “Rent is too High Party,“ the subject of Anti-Semitism is either ignored or treated as a joke.

The Times treats McMillan as a lovable eccentric:

Whatever the outcome, Mr. McMillan’s full party name will remain etched on the bicep of his right arm — a tattoo he received in 2005 — and sprawled across his silver Honda CRV in paint.

Wearing sporty sunglasses and silver earrings that complemented his silver mustache and beard, Mr. McMillan received gentle teasing from children — who thought he resembled Hulk Hogan — as artists painted a campaign logo on his Honda. Others called him Papa Smurf because of the mustache, which he started wearing during a play he said he wrote called “Standing in Line at the V.A.”

Mr. McMillan, who said he had studied martial arts, often dresses in all black. His loose-fitting sweat pants and cutoff T-shirts showed off his tattoo and allowed him to move freely.

“When you find your identity, you find what’s comfortable for you,” Mr. McMillan, who collected 7,500 signatures to get on the ballot, said. “You learn as time goes along what your style is. Everybody knows mine.”

He is also betting on attracting publicity with his tricked-out Honda CRV because “I want people to know rent is too damn high.”

I twice attempted to post comments on this matter on the thread on McMillan’s travails appearing in the Times’ City Room blog, but both time my comments were withheld by the monitor, who nonetheless saw fit to include these insightful gems:

I wanted, as a protest vote, to vote for Jimmy McMillan in the Democratic primary (he was running then as a Democrat). Although listed on the Voter Guide I received in the mail, he was not on the ballot. Why is that?

— Robert

This is ridiculous! I voted for McMillan during the primary as a write-in, I was trying to figure out why he was taken off the ballot. Why did I vote for him? BECAUSE THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH!!!

— ml

Would love to see Mr. McMillan debate Messrs. Bloomberg and Thompson.

— Nat

New York Magazine’s piece is in a similar mode, but does at least touch upon the topic of Anti-Semitism, albeit dismissively, noting with seeming favor McMillan‘s theory that the perception he is an anti-Semite is at the root of his problems with the Board:

"Because the word is out that I'm anti-Semitic," he said — because he once investigated housing practices in south Williamsburg that favor Jews — charges he considers baseless. Later on, he seemed to demonstrate his approval of Jews, in a roundabout sort of way, while slamming the board's general counsel, Steven H. Richman. "He's Jewish, and committing such a lying act, [then] he's not Jewish. He's a punk-ass motherfucker, that's what he is. He ain't Jewish."

Now, let me be the first to admit that buried within the pool of Blood Libel on McMillan’s website concerning Williamsburg are several complaints of varying levels of legitimacy. One need only recall
the on-going scandal involving NYC Correction Chaplain Rabbi Leib Glanz to know that one need not be a bigot to complain about acts of favoritism involving Hasidim.

But one would probably need to be a bigot to print this (I apologize that the balance of this article is largely a reprint of materials I’ve posted before, but apparently the New York Times was not paying attention, So I’m trying again):

This is true all Latinos/ Hispanics/ Blacks/ Others... as well as every religious group other than Judiasm are being run out of this area. The Williamsburg Section of Brooklyn, NY. Don't take our word go to Flushings Ave and Bedford Ave/ Lee Ave and Nostrand Ave witness the Hate by the people of the Jewish Faith.

Click Here to see "VIDEO" for Jews only

If you are not JEWISH you are “PROHIBITED” from living in this area.

After the world fought hard to free the JEWISH people from the hands of HITLER.

They should be shame of themselves for discriminating in housing against the people in the State of New York especially in the city of Brooklyn.

They are violating every Housing Act written in the constitution and no one will address it because they are afraid they will be called Anti-Semantic and accuse of Anti-Semitism.

Well I JIMMY McMILLAN a Democratic candidate for Mayor of the City of New York is addressing it, call me what you want.

If you violate the rights of someone anywhere - You will violate the rights of everyone everywhere.

________________________________________________________________________ Rent Reduction – Rent Freeze – Cap on Rent

Housing Discrimination by Top Elected Officials, and Government Agencies

The Rent Is Too Damn High Founder has uncovered Top level Elected Officials involved in Housing Discrimination with Constitutional Rights of American Citizens are being Violated where if you’re not JEWISH you are Prohibited, and not allowed to RENT / OWN in the Williamsburg Section of Brooklyn, NY. This has been going on for a number of years. The building of ARPHEIDS and Jewish Settlements in the Williamsburg Section of Brooklyn is a reality and the supporters are;
1. Mayor: Mike Bloomberg
2. Comptroller: Bill Thompson
3. Brooklyn Borough President: Marty Markowitz
4. U.S. Senator: Charles Schumer

There are many others who we will put on blast. Including Government Agencies such as:

5. U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

6. New York State Department of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR)

7. New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD)

8. The Federal Nation Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae)

9.The Federal Home Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac)

Also included are members of:
10. The Rent Guidelines Board.

11. The Rent Control Board.

12 The Rent Stabilization Board

They all are working together to commit this evil act of discrimination.

Because of the involvement of so many Elected Officials and Government Agencies we are demanding;

a. The Termination of the said name Rent Boards

b. Mortgage Payment Reduction or Waived, and NO more FORECLOSURES

There is so many things wrong in this City and State of New York, and the information I have listed below is one of them. I have tried for 16 years to release this story only to be labeled by some as being Anti-Semitic and accused of Anti- Semitism all because I let the Forbidden word to part from my lips (JEWISH – JEW).

My investigations on Housing Discrimination led me to the Williamsburg Section of Brooklyn, NY. an area where the complaints of the people had fallen on deaf ears. This section of Brooklyn is known as the Jewish community a Religious group

It is not the fault of JIMMY McMILLAN that evil acts of Housing Discrimination is being committed in that area. The MEDIA is just as guilty just as they are by not releasing critical information to the public.

You can call me JIMMY McMILLAN what you want but…the truth of the matter is there are serious Constitutional Violations being committed against American Citizens BY A Religious Group of people in the State of New York, and I will not be quiet about it.

We Have the Proof

We Have the Evidence

- To Back It Up -

Please give us your support its time to shut it down

But neither Hasidim nor tangential connection to reality are necessary to the realization of one of McMillan’s many anti-Semitic screeds; take
this beauty, which blurbs one of the barely literate McMillan’s many books (in an attempt to make it fit on the page, some of the stranger aspects of the formatting have been eliminated):


This book is not about the people of the Jewish faith nor is this book about making any personnel attacks or comments about them. At the same time we will take this opportunity to correct some definitions we see as being false and misleading.

This is Jimmy McMillan, The Union of Orthodox Rabbis and

I agree in the New York Times where they published an

article in (c1997) (
CLICK HERE) before there were

groups pretending to be Jews in the State of New York

this was before the attack on the World Trade

Center in (c2001). When you look for trouble

you find trouble when you hear the word / name Jew

and or Jewish the importance of the conversation

is no longer important. So then let me help you

get the definition Jew and Jewish correct.

Jew / Jewish, is not a Race it is a Religion.

PLEASE, educate yourself before

you open your mouth.

(Independent Private Investigator) Jimmy McMillan,

Twelve (12) years before the attack on the World

Trade Centers (c1989) I uncovered Al Qaeda's

strong hole operating out of Williamsburg Brooklyn

in the Heart of the people of the Jewish Faith

community using them as a Shield to

commit the most evil act of terror.

The Union of Orthodox Rabbis

Four (4) years before the attack on the

World Trade Centers (c1997) the Union

of Orthodox Rabbis unveiled their identity

by (Casting out 2 Branches that were not

practicing Judaism at all)in the Press (Media)

but the Union of Orthodox Rabbis was

quickly denounced by Jewish Groups not

to be qualified to make such a decision.

And on September 11, 2001 they made there

move. They attacked the World Trade Centers.

If You See Something Say Something, that is what they say it also depends on where you see it. I seen something in (c1989) and the Union of Orthodox Rabbis seen something in (c1997) but because of where we seen what we seen, I were called a crack pot by an employee of the Associated Press and the Union of Orthodox Rabbis were quickly denounce by Jewish Groups of having no power to make any decision and or such comments and remarks.

The fact of the matter is the Al Qaeda operation or network or what ever you might call it could have been broken up if either one of us would have kept our mouths shut and not mention or said the word / name (Jew - Jewish).

During this campaign someone choose to label me Anti-Semantic and An ti-Semite. Let me correct this definition for you just incase you have an educational problem, and difficulties. Someone is trying to make the word/name Jew - Jewish a Race, and that will never happen. This definition must be correct at once. Some damages had already been done but it's not too late to repair what has been done. we must move quickly before the Dictionary and Encyclopedia put the wrong definition in there publications.


Correct Definition:
Jew / Jewish, is not a race. It is a Religion.

The Definition in the Dictionary and in the Encyclopedia must read the following;

Jew / Jewish, is not a race. it is a Religion.

A Faith and one who chooses to talk about such can only be considered as nothing if anything Bias, not Anti-Semantic neither an Anti-Semite nor any other definition associated with this term. With a Negro it is different the ancestors of the Negro being Sold on the open market as Slaves by the Prople of the Jewish faith (Religious Group) no definition can be describe that expresses the feelings toward the discrimination within the building of Apartheids and the Anti-Social behavior toward every Religion Group in America.


In this book you will be give the location of the New Home of Apartheids, and the Discrimination that that comes with it this and more is now being carried out within the community of the people of the Jewish faith.

This book will also focus on National Security where the US Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for President of the United States of America. A Senator who has not and will not denounce the existence of birth Apartheids in the State of New York. She is not the only one who ignoring this ugly episode of discrimination every Elected Official as well, but she is the only one who is running for the highest office of President, and she is not qualified. A presidential candidate who ignoring something magnitude what else will she ignore when our nation is at war.

This Is A Must Read Book

Of the many different religions living together in the State of New York only one is building a Home Base for APARTHIEDS.


You must read this book. We have proof

(TAKE A BREATHE AND RELAX FOR A SECOND; we're back in the world of the sane and lucid)

Let me make clear that this is even worse than it appears. If one is to take McMillan seriously, and there is not one bit of evidence to suggest that McMillan has a sense of humor, one must conclude from his words and his link that the "fake Jews" he blames for 9/11 are Judaism’s Reform and Conservative movements.

It was one thing for the Press to ignore this loon before; but candidates of seeming (albeit limited) legitimacy like Casavis, McMillan and Ejaz have, as of late, afforded McMillan some entre into the real world by their proximity, while entities like the Times have elevated McMillan into a figure seemingly worthy of a protest vote.

Jimmy McMillan is not worthy of a protest vote. I would save such votes for Bill Thompson, but, if necessary, try Rev. Billy Talen.

Jimmy McMillan is not a protest candidate. He is a failed Manson-wannabe.

The New York Times and New York Magazine should be ashamed of themselves.