Poetic Justice Department: World Class Piece of Shit Dies And No One Notices

I once noted that it was perhaps unfair some folks are judged by a single moment in their long lives. In that vein, I went onto predict that when Rabbi Abraham Hecht died, his Times obit would say "called for Rabin's Assassination."

A lot of people have and continue to white wash this, but a New York Magazine article from just before Rabin’s assassination gives Hecht’s true, which is most reminiscent of rotten fish.

There are even some who might argue that, given some of the other things Hecht's said and done, this was arguably not even his worst moment, but though I’ve done my part to describe in utterly repulsive detail Hecht’s activities to advance homophobia and diminish the world supply of humor (including his strange obsession with Monty Python) and the shameless pandering to this piece of dreck by Brooklyn pols like Marty Markowitz and John Sampson, I would say Hecht’s part in helping to destroy the hopes of a Middle East peace (still the one and only documented time when a real hope for settlement was destroyed by Jews rather than Palestinians) should rendered his name one remembered only when while one is trying to cough up mucous.     

At the time I made my observation about what Hecht’s Times Obit would contain, I predicted that Hecht's building a great schul on Ocean Parkway might get passing mention in paragraph three, as would his laudable efforts to rescue Syrian Jews.

I was not the least bit sad in making such a cruel prediction; as the late Bernie Catcher was wont to say: "as ye sow, so shall ye weep."

I must now admit I was wrong, but once again, I am not the least bit sad.

I’m tickled.

Rabbi Hecht died last week, and outside the Orthodox world (in which I include those most obsessed with the community’s failings), almost no one even noticed.

As the Who once said: "Let's forget you better still."

One more note---

Some legislators may recall the angry response of the Daily News and others when the State Senate passed a resolution commending the good works of anti-Semitic piece of garbage Les “Jitu Weusi” Campbell.

This is an embarrassment which due diligence should have avoided.

Let it be known that if any memorial resolution for Abraham Hecht passes by unanimous consent in any legislative body there are those who will hold it against each and every one of you.