Postman Jimmy's Mailbag (With Verifiable Links To McMillan's Most Hateful Stuff and His Home Shopping Network)

From MSNBC’s TECHNOBLOG: New York political blog Room Eight, through a poster named Gatemouth (the self-described "blog world's expert on Jimmy McMillan's raving lunatic obsession with THE JEWS") has also put some things out there that should dampen enthusiasm for the karate kicking, black-glove wearing, Dali-moustached candidate.

Gatemouth CLAIMS [emphasis added] he lifted this from McMillan's 2009 mayoral campaign website and posted to Room Eight under a page called "The Jimmy McMillan Show"

GATEMOUTH’S RESPONSE: Well, I'm that guy Gatemouth, and I think you are all missing the point. Forget what McMillan said about Jewish landlords, or anything else related to housing, and read what he said about Jews and 9/11. Basically (if you read his links) he blames the destruction of the WTC on the Reform and Conservative branches of Judaism 

From OY VEY (on a Room 8 thread): you need to do more outreach to media outlets so they're aware of and use your McMillan research. People of good will (including reporters you know) were not aware of McMillan's background. Given the noise/static in the race, and the pop culture mentality of how McMillan is being perceived, your research would go far in pushing McMillan from happy weird guy to lunatic dangerous fringe. No one seems willing to push the envelope, likely because they haven't done their homework. You have, so go do your presentation and email/write to them. The beauty of email is easy access to these folks.

GATEMOUTH’ S RESPONSE: All my recent Mac pieces have been emailed to all the major NYC political blogs.

The story of my life as a blogger is horse to water; my triumphs are usually mere coincidences of timing.

I did my
first of many Jimmy pieces about a year and a half ago; no once noticed besidesAtlantic Yard Report and the Voice (and both basically condemned me for caring). Later, after I dissed the Republican candidate for Manhattan Beep for his McMillan connectionsSome Republicans cranks also noticed and attacked me on a since deleted Wikipedia page.

However, my past work concerning McMillan yielded real results practically each time I posted:

1) After I first exposed McMillan, Brooklyn Democrat
Eugene Myrick dropped out of his race for Beep on the Rent Is To Damn High (RITDH) line, rather than run with McMillan.

2) After I exposed it, Manhattan Republican David Casavis declined his RITDH line endorsement for Beep, rather than run with McMillan, and even documented it on Wikipedia)

After I exposed it, McMiilan's RITDH running mate for Comptroller, Salim Ejaz, dis-endorsed McMillan before last year's Mayoral election.

From FAT MAN (by email): I'd rather that he NOT be exposed. He gives the angry Black voter a better place to vote than Barron. IT would be SWEET if Barron fell short of 50,000 by the McMillan vote.

GATEMOUTH’S RESPONSE: sadly, I don't think anything I write effects angry black voters, and if you read my "
Jimmy Mcmillan for Landlord" piece, you will find I am delighted that he is fucking Barron (who is a gutless wonder, of all things, on the question of marriage)

But, I think Jimmy Mac is going to get something Barron won't:

a lot of white votes;

and that I would like to stop.

TM456 (on Technoblog): He's not talking about Jews, he's talking about HASIDIC Jews and they basically act in the exact way he described. Even other Jews (such as myself) despise them. They take over areas specifically this one in Brooklyn and some areas upstate (see Kiryas Joel, New Square) and drive out everyone else, and will even spit at non-Jews. All while being largely unemployed and sucking money out of the system with 12-child families. Normal Jews don't act this way. Unfortunately this "rents too high" guy doesn't make the distinction.

GATEMOUTH: you obviously did not read my post. When he talk about housing, he may be talking about Hasidim, but when he talks about 9/11, he is talking about THE JEWS--specifically about the Reform and Conservative movements

He is a stone Jew hater.

ERNIE (by email): Nice work.One thing that is missing in the press stories is - did he really file 15,000 signatures OR just a bunch and no one objected.

GATEMOUTH: Someone really should have gone to the State Board of Elections by now to examine those petitions, especially after he told Lawrence O’Donnell he got them all by himself. And someone should have interviewed Randy Credico by now about how McMillan sold him a pile of blank pages.


From READ NO EVIL: Did you see this in the
Daily News; they are just letting McMillan get away with saying he is being attacked for being honest about landlords:

McMillan also has been accused of anti-Semitism, saying, among other things, that rents were being inflated by Jewish landlords who discriminated against non-Jews in Williamsburg."Mr. McMillan is somebody who has a proven record of posting anti-Semitic slurs," said Deborah Lauter of the Anti-Defamation League.McMillan apologized on his website but seemed unabashed in an interview with the Daily News Tuesday. "Jews were slave masters," he said. "They enslaved my people. You can't call me anti-Semitic."

So why do you think the major dailies, and others, don't acknowledge or print some of his crazy screeds? They have no problem mentioning, on occasion, some of Lenora Fulani's bits of unwisdom. But, of course, some of them were late on Kurt Waldheim, too.

GATEMOUTH’S RESPONSE: I think this is partially my fault. Although
nitially, I did link the current version of the stuff McMillan has left on the web---far away from his official sites, I reprinted the far more lurid version (made slightly less lurid so it would fit on my page) I found on the web last year.


And here’s the stuff as it currently appears (I‘v not adjusted it; if you really want to read it, go to the link):


This Could Have Been Prevented.

Al Qeada, Are Still Here?

ckick here Jimmy McMillan

This Could Have Been Prevented.

Al Qeada, Are Still Here?

This book is not about the people of the Jewish faith nor is this book about making any personnel attacks or comments about them. At the same time we will take this opportunity to correct some definitions we see as being false and misleading.

Jimmy McMillan, an Independent Private Investigator, Rent Activist, Researcher, Educator and Author. Not a Politician. If you Violate the Constitutional Rights of any American Citizen in any way shape or form you will be singled out.

This book is about.

TERRORIST, in my country living in and hiding behind the people of the Jewish faith all through the State of New York to commit evil acts of terror against American / Americans. Why, because they fit in.

This is Jimmy McMillan,

The Union of Orthodox Rabbis and I agree in the New York Times where they published an article in (c1997) (
click here) before there were groups pretending to be Jews in the State of New York this was before the attack on the World Trade Center in (c2001). When you look for trouble you find trouble when you hear the word / name Jew and or Jewish the importance of the conversation is no longer important. So then let me help you get the definition Jew and Jewish correct.

Jew / Jewish, is not a Race it is a Religion. PLEASE, educate yourself before you open your mouth.

(Independent Private Investigator) Jimmy McMillan,

Twelve (12) years before the attack on the World Trade Centers (c1989) I uncovered Al Qaeda's strong hole operating out of Williamsburg Brooklyn in the Heart of the people of the Jewish Faith community using them as a Shield to commit the most evil act of terror.

The Union of Orthodox Rabbis,

Four (4) years before the attack on the World Trade Centers (c1997) the Union of Orthodox Rabbis unveiled their identity by (Casting out 2 Branches that were not practicing Judaism at all)in the Press (Media) but the Union of Orthodox Rabbis was quickly denounced by Jewish Groups not to be qualified to make such a decision.

And on September 11, 2001 they made there move. They attacked the World Trade Centers.


You Must Read This Book


You Must Read This Book

If You See Something Say Something, that is what they say it also depends on where you see it. I seen something in (c1989) and the Union of Orthodox Rabbis seen something in (c1997) but because of where we seen what we seen, I were called a crack pot by an employee of the Associated Press and the Union of Orthodox Rabbis were quickly denounce by Jewish Groups of having no power to make any decision and or such comments and remarks.

The fact of the matter is the Al Qaeda operation or network or what ever you might call it could have been broken up if either one of us would have kept our mouths shut and not mention or said the word / name (“Jew – Jewish”).

During this campaign someone choose to label me Anti-Semantic and An ti-Semite. Let me correct this definition for you just incase you have an educational problem, and difficulties’. Someone is trying to make the word/name Jew - Jewish a Race, and that will never happen. This definition must be correct at once. Some damages had already been done but it's not too late to repair what has been done. we must move quickly before the Dictionary and Encyclopedia put the wrong definition in there publications.


Correct Definition: Jew / Jewish, is not a race. It is a Religion.

The Definition in the Dictionary and in the Encyclopedia must read the following;

Jew / Jewish, is not a race. it is a Religion.

A Faith and one who chooses to talk about such can only be considered as nothing if anything Bias, not Anti-Semantic neither an Anti-Semite nor any other definition associated with this term. With a Negro it is different the ancestors of the Negro being Sold on the open market as Slaves by the Prople of the Jewish faith (Religious Group) no definition can be describe that expresses the feelings toward the discrimination within the building of Apartheids and the Anti-Social behavior toward every Religion Group in America.


In this book you will be give the location of the New Home of Apartheids, and the Discrimination that that comes with it this and more is now being carried out within the community of the people of the Jewish faith.

This book will also focus on National Security where the US Senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for President of the United States of America. A Senator who has not and will not denounce the existence of birth Apartheids in the State of New York. She is not the only one who ignoring this ugly episode of discrimination every Elected Official as well, but she is the only one who is running for the highest office of President, and she is not qualified. A presidential candidate who ignoring something magnitude what else will she ignore when our nation is at war.

This Is A Must Read Book

Of the many different religions living together in the State of New York only one is building a Home Base for APARTHIEDS.


You must read this book. We have proof

Bah'ai Faith
Cao Dai
Chinese Religion
Chopra Center
Christian Science
Confucianism Eckankar
Epicureanism Falun Gong
Greco-Roman Religion
Hare Krishna
Jehovah's Witnesses

Kemetic Reconstructionism
Mayan Religion
Mormonism Neopaganism
New Thought
Unification Church
Unitarian Universalism







Chinese traditional religion:



African Traditional & Diasporic:








Cao Dai:







2.1 billion

1.5 billion

1.1 billion

900 million

394 million

376 million

300 million

100 million

23 million

19 million

15 million

14 million

7 million

4.2 million

4 million

4 million

2.6 million

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1 million

800 thousand

600 thousand

500 thousand


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