The Gateway (Among the Democrats Edition)

Cuomo: This is an internal Democratic dispute. Jeff Klein is a Democrat, Sampson is a Democrat, Gianaris is a Democrat...This is among Democrats This is not really about Republicans. This is a schism within the Democrats...It’s not my job to determine who is a committee chairman, who gets the office in the corner, and what political alliances are. My job is to pass legislation that makes a difference for the people of this state,”

Well, there you have it, "this is among Democrats" (is anyone reminded of  Goodfellas?), so why would anyone expect to Cuomo to get involved?




Rightly, or wrongly, the perception of white Democratic State Senators that nothing beyond race matters to some of their colleagues is perhaps the number one factor destroying the Senate Democratic Conference. Back in 2011, one of the white Sen Dems told me the following after Carl Kruger was indicted and unsuccessfully asked for permission to address the Party Conference:

" an odious human being, but still a human being...entitled to due process. It is interesting to see how he is being shunned by the Senate Dems. The same crew who defended Monserrate, Parker and Espada. the same crew who had no problem taking money from Carl.

This self-righteous bunch refused to grant him an audience in conference, ostensibly to allow him to apologize for the unwanted attention, and the same bunch who felt we should allow Hiram to apologize for slashing his girlfriend's face with a broken glass.

I am sure that if he were black or Latino, they would be holding a telethon for him."




A true rarity: A Michael Benjamin column that makes sense all the way through:




Former State Senator Antoine Thompson, currently unemployed as a real estate agent and publisher of a shopper, is appointed Executive Director of the Buffalo Employment and Training Center.

New Slogan: "I'm not just the boss; I'm also a client"




Christmas lights as a metaphor for change?

Markowitz: Our Democratic Party, all I can tell you is, it went from darkness to light. It’s the best way to put it...And the wisdom prevailed and guess who becomes the head of one of the largest Democratic Parties in the United States of America? Our own, Frank Seddio.




Concerning the odious Independence Party, the Daily News finally catches up with Gatemouth (circa 2006).




Stephen Colbert is the most palatable, moderate and sensible candidate for the SC Senate vacancy.

Sadly, I'm not talking about the real Colbert, who is not a plausible possibility. I'm talking about the character Colbert plays.




Looking through my archives, it is apparent that the NYC Board of Election had posted the November election results by December 1 in 2006 and by December 5 in 2008.

This morning, this year's November results were still not posted.

What's the story, guys?