The Gateway (Anthrax Nostalgia Edition)

David Segal to be rehired?

This is certainly Councilman Rodriguez's right, but I have to ask, did I miss the part where Segal admitted that what he did was wrong?

By his refusal to say that throwing a burning rag into a building was wrong (Segal admitted only to it being ineffective protest), Segal has openly embraced the viewpoint that such acts of terror are morally justified.

By knowingly employing a person of such views on his legislative staff, Councilman Rodriguez is saying that such views are within the bounds of moral acceptability.  

Really?  I bet you that if I publicly expressed support for free trade, or allowing the opening of a Walmart, I would not be allowed to work in Ydanis Rodriguez’s office.  

And that is the Councilman's right.

Rodriguez has the right to have a staff sympatico with his views, which are after all those of someone chosen by the voters of his constituency.  

But is David Segal’s worldview sympatico with that of Councilman Rodriguez?  

I think we have the right to ask.  

David Segal believes he is so noble and righteous that he gets to decide when it is morally acceptable to put people in the line of mortal danger in order to advance causes he feels are worthy.  

I'm sorry, but did I miss the election where we elected David Segal G-d (or even Commander in Chief)? Council arsonist fireproof    




Some may remember that, in the aftermath of 9/11, many government offices started receiving packages of real and fake anthrax.

In the Senate Minority Leader's NYC office it was decided that all mail needed to be screened before it was opened.

It was further decided that the screening had to be done by a senior staffer smart enough to know what to look for, but dispensable enough to risk.  

I was issued a pair of rubber gloves.  

One day I picked up a package with a psychotic screed written on the outside. I quickly dropped it and called our police contact, who sent over a half dozen men in space suits.  

While they were there, the boss' guest, Giff Miller, then running for Speaker, came out of the office and his eyes nearly popped out at the spectacle.  

Miller left very quickly. He must have run track in prep school.   

I spent the rest of the day washing my hands.  

The only mitigating factor to the sort of behavior documented in the attached article is that it is still better than tossing a flaming rag into a building. Envelopes With White Powder Sent to Bloomberg and 6 Banks   




Quinn displays even thinner skin than Bloomberg (I can just hear her bellowing "From your mouth to G-d's ears"), who would just have assumed the heckler was Paybarah, and called him a "disgrace."  Quinn Quits Living-Wage Rally After Bloomberg Is Insulted   




John Liu's ascension to Gracie Mansion would be in the great tradition of NYC

The great NYC tradition of Jimmy Walker and Bill O'Dwyer.

Can someone appoint this man Ambassador to Mexico? City Controller John Liu gives strongest indication to date that he will run for mayor in 2013 despi    




My question is, how did The City end up with Walmart stock in the first place? New York Pension Funds to Challenge Wal-Mart   




DioGuardi endorses Long.


That changes everything.

Up next, the Howard Mills endorsement. Joe DioGuardi Endorses Wendy Long