The Gateway (Bay Ridge Dining Edition)

Not only is Walmart selling assault weapons, but they're selling assault weapons made in China with non-union slave labor!

It is one thing to cost American lives, but quite another to cost American jobs.




People should really leave poor Jeanine Pirro alone about owning a gun and instead commend her for her restraint in not shooting her husband.




Were it not for the fact that the precedent for renting the support of GOP Leaders with large bags of cash was established by the head of Bloomberg, LP, I would be sorely tempted to make a joke about Greeks bearing gifts.

Who would have thought that selling expired milk (we just call it C-Town Homemade Feta) was the gift that kept on giving?




Andrew Gounardes writes to send me a spreadsheet which shows the election results in his race for against Marty Golden for the State Senate.


The data contained within supports my earlier conclusion that Golden lost the Bay Ridge portion of the district, previously thought to have been his base.  


One caveat: Gounardes’ definition of Bay Ridge includes everything west of the expressway and south of the northernmost border of the district – which he calls “basically what everyone traditionally considers to be Bay Ridge.”


However, old timers like Galewyn Massey, Chuck Otey & I define Bay Ridge to include some areas which were considered part of the Ridge back before the Verrazano was built --I consider the New Corner Restaurant to be in the Ridge  


Anyway, using the Gounardes boundaries, he won Bay Ridge with 11,397 votes (52%) to Golden’s s 10,428 (48%). Out of 37 EDs, Gounardes won 26 of them.  




Senator Martin J. Golden: As Hinsch’s begins preparations to close within the next 6 weeks, I invite residents to go there for a final meal. Look out the windows while you are there and realize that in large part, the thriving food cart industry on the corner, has closed Hinsch’s.

 A Bay Ridge friend writes:  "What a disgusting fucking xenophobic racist demagogue piece of shit Marty Golden is. This FUCK is basically saying "Go have one last shitty grilled cheese sandwich at a shitty luncheonette and look out the window at those motherfucking Middle Eastern fucks who are taking away our American Dream." Unbelievable."

 I have a more balanced view, Hinsch's was hardly a destination place, and I wouldn't brave the food, but if you were shopping at Century, it was a great place to take the kid for a sundae while enjoying an NYC anachronism.

And, I suspect many of the area's numerous Arab restaurant owners agree with the sentiment about the push carts. For them, unlike Hinsch’s, it may even be true (Hinsch’s does not, as far as I know, serve falafel).

But Hinsch's itself was the victim of a high/low combination of the neighborhood's new found cachet raising rents while the proliferation of fast food places you could sit in drew off their customers.




This is not an Onion parody, and I didn't write it either.




Took 10 year old Dybbuk to Nydia' Velazquez's induction. Like everyone else, including Nydia, he found the speeches (including those of Chuck Schumer, Chris Quinn, Bill Thompson and John Liu) a bit long, though he agreed with Nydia on virtually all of the issues.

Afterwards, Dad told Dybbuk, "You can tell the teacher you saw a Congresswoman get sworn in, a US Senator speak, and all the candidates for Mayor."

Dybbuk just shook his head. "What about DeBlasio?"

Married Couple Mind meld.

Domestic Partner: What's on?

Gate: "Spirit of St. Louis," a bio film about Charles Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic starring Jimmy Stewart and directed by the person in film history least likely to have make such a film.

DP: It was made by Billy Wilder?