The Gateway (Congrats To Lara Genovesi Edition)

Dateline: Lewes, Delaware.  

The Times endorses Lara Genovesi:  

CIVIL COURT, BROOKLYN, FIRST DISTRICT This race pits Richard Montelione, an experienced litigator in private practice, against Lara Genovesi, the principal law clerk to Brooklyn’s supervising judge for matrimonial matters. Both candidates are qualified, but Ms. Genovesi’s steady professional manner and reputation for fairness stand out. We recommend Ms. Genovesi. For Judgeships in New York City 




We're now up to four Mayoral candidates, including BILL DEBLASIO (?!?) calling for Vito Lopez to step down.

With one exception, I won't criticize anyone for doing so, since the finding of the Assembly report are serious and disgusting, and it is inarguable that his continuance as Democratic County Leader will cause the Party and its candidates nothing but agony. 

However, I must note the disgraceful nature of the remarks of DA hopeful Abe George:

"For years Mr. Lopez has acted with impunity. It is well known that he has voted from a sham address in Brooklyn while living in Queens. He has hired his girlfriend for a no show job at his senior center. Why haven’t these criminal acts been investigated?"

Abe, there is a lot about Ridgewood/Bushwick worthy enough of investigation; so much so that more than one is in process. But, while many feel Angela Battaglia is overpaid, I don't think anyone has ever suggested she has a no-show job. To do so, given how hard she is known to work, and how effectively, is tantamount to libel.

To say such things without a shred of evidence casts severe doubt on your fitness to be DA. Calls for Lopez to Step Down Mount; Vito Vows to Hold On    




One could rest easy when it was only the US Attorney, the state Attorney General, the Bronx DA and the City Department of Investigation on your tail (perhaps not the best choice of words)

But, now Naomi Rivera is being investigated by...

...Ravi Batra.
State ethics panel now investigating Bx. pol Naomi Rivera    




Although this typo might qualify as a revealing Freudean slip about Ben Akselrod's repulsive campaign of hatred, the truth is that it only proves that Ben does not read his consultant Gary Tilzer's blog--if he did, he'd know not to trust him with the proofreading. In Flubbed Campaign Lit, Assembly Candidate Says Crime Is Up In The “Negrohood” | Sheepshead Bay New    




Orthodox Pundit continues to pick at the scab of the Brooklyn GOP's relationship to the Jewish community.

I'm going to stick my neck out and defend some people I intensely dislike and say that I don't think the problem is anti-Semitism.

I do think that it's possible some of the folks called out as having Jew problems may have in the past exploited anti-Semitism and the fact is, that if they did so knowingly while knowing it was wrong, this is arguably worse than being an ignorant hater. 

But I don't think they are haters.

I think the problem is different.

As I’ve noted:

" If David Storobin represents the scary young face of the Southern Brooklyn Republican future, Marty Golden represents the friendly old grandfatherly face of its fast dying past.

Bay Ridge, which voted for Barack Obama in 2008, is gentrifying and ethicizing. Asians (and, to a lesser extent Latinos) are pouring into Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and Gravesend.

But Marty Golden is so afraid of the new face of Republican Brooklyn that he chose to keep his rapidly dying and sometimes dead White Christian Communities because he’s not very comfortable having too many Jewish constituents.

Given the choice, Golden gave up Republican leaning Russians to the safely Democratic seat of Diane Savino, choosing instead to hang onto a past living on borrowed time

Why is this?
Partially, it is an inability of old minds (even when they belong to those who are relatively young) to alter their worldview.
But it is also a problem which also inflicts the southern Brooklyn Democratic establishment.
The Brooklyn GOP rules over a small piece of turf, but it belongs to them; as a great Rabbi once said "Klein und Mein"

Expanding that turf means expanding the party, and expanding the party too much risks what you have being taken by someone new.

One does not resist the newcomers out of prejudice. One resists the newcomers because they might take what you think belongs to you.

As Abner Mikva once quoted the old Party boss as saying: "We don't want nobody nobody sent." - !/2012/08/is-gop-in-brooklyn-home-for-jews-2.html
Orthodox Pundit: News & Political Analysis   




Sampson says the Sen Dems can take the Majority because "we have a moral compass."
In boxing, this strategy is called "leading with your face."
Sampson Thinks Dems Can Re-take Senate




Storobin would be more convincing "making the voting for any Democrat for any office strengthens Obama and therefore hurts Israel" argument if he hadn't just traveled there with a man who wanted to make Ron Paul the leader of the Free World. Let's Talk Dogri (straightforward)!!!: Senator Storobin on cover of 'Bakhila' Hebrew Magazine: "I'm.    




Dan Halloran is garbage wrapped in skin, which might be why he's so hostile to Sanitation workers.   

Here, Halloran calls Grace Meng "a Chinese national" and says "“I believe she even has dual citizenship”

While I've always been conflicted over whether Halloran's worst trait was his dishonesty or his racism, it's clear that he’s most true to himself when he mixes them inextricably.
King of Queens: An unconventional Republican     




Adelson: Destroying democracy at home and abroad. Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson accused of bringing 'ruin' to newspaper industry in Israel   




Romney violated the first rule of letting people know they are joking: "be funny.” Four Laughable Explanations for Mitt Romney's Birther Joke    




The second to last sensible conservative (Frum will always be first) on Ryan:

"...Ryan was willing to sacrifice the good for the sake of the ultimate.... To put it another way, Ryan was giving up significant debt progress for a political fantasy."
Ryan Biggest Mistake    




The Triumph of the Conservatives, Part 6729:

Hefner makes a passionate statement on behalf of monogamous relationships.
Playboy founder Hugh Hefner writes passionate plea in support of gay marriage    




Malcolm Smith makes the case that he suffering from Alzheimer's.

More importantly he raises the philosophical question of whether someone who is tone deaf can embark upon a "listening tour."
Smith Makes His Pitch to Republicans, Forgets Supporting Bill Thompson    




The real reason Malcolm Smith is on a "listening tour" is he gets in less trouble when he doesn't have to speak. True News: For a moment real journalism returned to New York   




Because It Feels So Good When You Stop Department:

Bloomie: our shelter a much more pleasurable experience than they ever had before.

Begging the question: "Compared to what?"
Mayor: Apple's shelters are so luxe, people don't want to leave    




Tragic, and yet the first thought which came to mind was "how did someone find a cab at Utica and Avenue O?" Man shot in B’klyn cab dies    




Who would have thought it possible that someone would dumb down the Alec Baldwin for Mayor thing? ‘Who’s The Boss’ Star Tony Danza Weighs Run for Mayor 

Jerry Skurnick:  In our voter file, only 1 Anthony Danza registered to vote-75 years old living in Brooklyn.