The Gateway (Coyote Ugly Edition)

The Smartest Man In America notes a Game Change. The Fundamentals Now Favor Obama





Gatemouth (to Domestic Partner, while reading on a plane): Senator DeWine of Ohio just dumped Mitt for Santorum. My G-d, I would never trust Michael DeWine to hold my wallet during a fight. As funny as this is, it’s butt ugly.

Dybbuk (age nine): Do you mean coyote ugly?

Gate (thinking): Actually, yes I do. The Republicans are like a coyote caught in a trap named Romney, and DeWine just chewed his leg off to get away. In Ohio, Romney Loses Senator DeWine’s Endorsement





The mask slips off. Santorum aide's slip: 'Radical Islamic policies'



Santorum's positions on social issues are no different on paper than Gingrich's or Romney's, anymore than Strom Thurmond's position on Civil Rights was different on paper from Olin Johnson's. But as Olin once said laughing at Strom as he held the Senate floor for over 24 hours, "Strom really believes this stuff." Santorum’s Elite Problem




First paragraph's rarely get any better than this:

"Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County, Ariz., stepped down as a co-chairman of Mitt Romney’s campaign in the state on Saturday after a newspaper published accusations that he threatened to deport a former boyfriend, who was from Mexico, when the man refused to keep quiet about their relationship."

As Rabbi Hillel once said, all the rest (even the delicious part about Babeu being a crusader against illegal immigration) is commentary. Romney Arizona Co-Chair Resigns Amid Allegation




I must concede, the Republicans are right, there is indeed election fraud going on; here's some proof. GOP aide Sentenced for Conspiracy to keep Black voters away from the Polls – FreakOutNation




In a local adaption of OWS, Virginia women forded to undergo a legislatively mandated, medically unnecessary, vaginal probe will engage in massive civil disobedience by crushing between their knees either a Bayer aspirin or the head of a Republican state legislator. Virginia ultrasound law: women who want an abortion will be forcibly penetrated for no medical reason




Same Sex Marriage, "The Triumph of the Conservatives" (part 137): After same-sex marriage, gay rights coalition splinters into just another interest group




Eric Adams goes from defendung Monserrate defending John Liu. In Adams’ defense, this may qualify as a step up. Caucus Weekend: Defending Liu, Treading Lightly With Cuomo



I decided posting a Gatemouth piece on Storobin’s various charges against Fidler was doing Storobin’s work for him by giving the matter too much attention.

But I also thought a response should exist  somewhere on the web for those who were interested, so I put this info into an empty space in the back pages of the Hack N. Sack blog.  Fidler's Supposed Ethical Problems Aren't | Room Eight