The Gateway (Doc Pomus Edition)

Andrew gives a good speech while his father gave great ones.

However, Andrew is more successful in passing his agenda, while Mario mostly talked about it.

On the other hand, the agenda Mario didn't pass was usually more appealing than the one that Andrew did.




Sometimes One Word Says It All Department:

Back in the 1950's the Republican Party National Committee sent out the message that Republicans were always supposed to call the opposition "the Democrat Party" rather than "Democratic Party". Real partisan Republicans still do that. Dean Skelos always has done so.

Now, look on the Senate website and read the new greeting from the leaders of the Coalition Majority. They have Jeff Klein's title as leader of the "Independent Democrat Conference."




The Blind (and politically tone-deaf) Leading The (morally) Blind Department.

A timely reminder that a Democratic Governor helping the State Senate Democrats isn't always a good thing.

The frustrating thing about keeping a reasonable blogging schedule is not getting the jokes up first. On Tuesday on my Facebook page, I noted concerning the Seabrook sentencing “He used to like his bagel with a schmeer; now he's getting a five years supply of locks.”

But by the time I put it up here, the Post had used virtually the same joke.

As I’ve said before, opposing Sandy relief is all about foreskin and these are the schmucks.

The writer thought he found a genuine Weiner, but only proved himself a dildo.

Carrion supported by people who are simply offal.

The "progressive" candidate for Mayor hires the former Chief of Staff to a crypto-fascist hatemonger.

Orthodox Pundit accuses Lincoln Restler of push polling.

OP also notes Restler quoting with approval an assertion that Hasidim won't vote for a woman or an LGTB person. Former Councilwoman Susan Alter (first elected from Borough Park) Congressmen Sean Maloney (whose district includes Kyrias Joel) and former Congressman Fred Richmond (whose district included Williamsburg) might disagree.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Restler says that under the proposed lines, the district he hopes to run in would become 60% Hasidic. 

A more realistic assessment would be to say it went from 23% Hasidic to about 34 or 35%.!/2013/01/restler-levin-polling-is-on.html

A true story.

A six year old Jewish boy from Williamsburg contacts polio. At 17, he begins a career as a performer who gets up on his crutches and sings the blues in black nightclubs. Eventually, he gives it up to write rock and roll songs. Wed to a young girl from a small town who later became a Broadway star, he watches his new bride dance with every guest at his wedding but him and writes a song about it.


It is called "Save The Last Dance for Me."

A remarkable touching, inspiring and screamingly funny film about a remarkable touching, inspiring and screamingly funny man (and I've barely scratched the surface).

I witnessed an elected official from Doc's old neighborhood choke up more than once.