The Gateway (Everything's Coming Up Moses Edition)

I always thought Catsimatidis was a buffoon, but I never thought he was a fool.

Until now.

Though the 1964-65 World’s Fair delighted me as a boy of six and seven, even a cursory look at its history reveals the Fair was a monumental disaster on virtually every level, especially financial, where it managed to serve as a sluice for a huge amount of public funds being converted into patronage and sheer waste.

Catsimatidis' bone headed suggestion which fails even if one thinks such expositions are a good idea (since they usually require about eight years of advance planning, and Catsy intends to make his fair occur the year he takes office), is proof that he fails the fundamental entry question one must answer in the affirmative before one can apply to be Mayor of The Big Apple:

"Have you read 'The Power Broker' by Robert Caro?"

Colin Campbell@BKcolin: Should the Districting Commission work to split the vote of communities it deems to be socially backwards? Some say yes

OrthodoxPundit@OPundit: N some say this post is bordering on blood libel … @BKcolin This community voted 4 all d ppl the article says it haven't

Colin Campbell@BKcolin: @OPundit yup, that's one of the points I disagree with. Fundamentally, lines should contain, not split, linguistic/cultural/religious groups




Dershowitz: The president of Brooklyn College claims that this co-sponsorship does not constitute an endorsement by the college and that this is an issue of freedom of speech and academic freedom. But when a department of a university officially co-sponsors and endorses an event advocating BDS against Israel, and refuses to co-sponsor and endorse an event opposing such BDS, that does constitute an official endorsement. Freedom of speech, and academic freedom require equal access to both sides of a controversy, not official sponsorship and endorsement of one side over the other. The heavy thumb of an academic department should not be placed on the scale, if the marketplace of ideas is to remain equally accessible to all sides of a controversy.

I've been pretty outspoken in my opposition to the "Bash Destroy and Savage (BDS) Israel" movement, and if there was evidence that Brooklyn College was practicing viewpoint discrimination against pro-Israel speakers, I'd certainly want my elected officials to question and expose such despicable conduct.

And, in fact, I would not be at all shocked if such viewpoint discrimination were occurring.

What I'd like to know is, where is the evidence? So far, I haven't seen it.




Same sex marriage as "The Triumph of the Conservatives” [Part 3,274,185]




It’s not that I’m ignoring the Superbowl, but between a new episode of “Girls” and a special highlighting the first five years of “Saturday Night Live” (can you imagine Al Franken and Chevy Chase playing Lincoln Restler and Stephen Levin? With Belushi as both Rabbi Niederman and Vito Lopez? It would be better than Pete Tagliani versus Winfield Adcock),  I just plum forgot about it.   



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